Witch Makeup Ideas

Witch Makeup Ideas are meant to scare people out of their wits. It is the best way to actually wear one of the witch makeup to a Halloween party. You are quite aware how the earlier witches and vampires used to look. With the pointed hats and broomsticks, they look like quite a lot of fun. Witches usually have quite sharp noses, since they are supposed to have a strong sense of smell and then they have those scary dismantled sort of teeth, or you could use some artificial elongated forms to teeth as well. Your make up should be such that it makes your face look wrinkled.

Let’s look at some of the Witch Makeup Ideas

  1. The classic Witch Makeup Ideas is the pale look that you will need to create with some powdered foundation. You will need to wear a dark shade of lipstick. Before you start the Witch Makeup, do wear a good primer for the makeup to stay and not bleed. Accentuate your eyes by wearing some nice shades of black or blue eyeliner and stretching it beyond your eyes. Wearing good eyeliner is a good option. Wear a long hair wig and keep it messy. Don’t forget your long pointed hat.
  2. The second Witch Makeup Idea is to cover your face with some porcelain foundation, wear some weird lenses and do some red color eye makeup; this would include wearing the red eye makeup. The trick is to accentuate the eyes when it comes to Witch Makeup Ideas so coat your eyes with a thick layer of black eyeliner. Use powdered eyeliner so that you can smudge it all around your eyes. You can also use some cosmetic sponge to do this.
  3. You can also try some face painting that is painting your entire face like a witch, this way you can easily sport the Witch Makeup. You can use some green could this time and some rouge. Make black moles around your face to bring on the witch face makeup naturally. Try doing the dramatic eye makeup. We also have a section on dramatic eye makeup and edgy eye makeup in our section.
  4. Try some innovation and become the glam witch, wear a white costume instead of a black one. Make it a loose body hugging costume. Keep the entire theme as white, it will look really funny; don’t forget to carry your broom and your white pointed cap. The only color that looks great with white is red so you can sport some nice red lipstick and red eye shadow for your eyes.
  5. If you don’t want to mess your face too much you can sport an elegant witch look, all you need to do is wear some whitening powder and cover the face with it. Now you need some back eye shadow, cover your entire lid with it, once you have done that, just make small spots around your eyes, and some on the sides of your eyes. This will make you look like a real innocent, elegant witch.


So here are the crazy Witch Makeup Ideas, they will help you get creative with your face and accessories. Happy scaring !

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