Wedding updo hairstyles

Wedding updo hairstyles are a great wedding hairstyle especially if you want all you hair up and wouldn’t want any hair on the neck. Here is a range that you can choose from. Learn more about wedding updo hairstyles here.

Wedding Updo Hairstyles

Romantic classic updo

Here’s how to get the classic wedding updo hairstyle done

• Wash and condition the hair well.

• Once you have done washing squeeze out the water and towel dry the hair.

• Apply a styling product to all the strands of the hair and then blow dry using a paddle brush. Avoid applying the product to the roots only unless you want some volume.

• Once the hair is completely dry proceed by separating the hair in approximately 6-8 individual sections.

• Apply a body building solution and then roll the hair onto hot rollers. Make sure to see that the rollers are completely cool before you remove them.

• Separate a side swept fringe from the front section of hair and then tie the rest in a high ponytail.

• Pin a hair pad just below the ponytail base. Then smoothen out and spread the ponytail evenly on the hair pad. Secure it well bobby pins under the hair pad.

• Tease the front section of the fringe and slightly sweep the fringe over the forehead.

• You can use a hair comb or a tiara to accentuate the hairdo. Besides attach the veil at the back of the head.

And voila, you’re ready to walk the aisle!!!

Traditional bun

This is one of the most common wedding updo hairstyle that is easy to set and easy to carry. All the hair is gathered and twisted to fun a bun. It suits very well for those with long hair. To make the style more elaborate you can use fresh flowers and other accessories to adorn it.

Classic updo

The classic wedding updo hairstyle is one of the most popular wedding updo hairstyle that is a hit with many brides. Pull all the hair back form the face and tie it in a high ponytail. Using hot rollers curl the hair. Pin the curled hair to form an elegant bun at the back of the head or the crown. If you don’t want to curl the hair you can simply place sections of hair in loops forming a bun. Finish the look using a crystal encrusted tiara.


Another common and popular wedding updo hairstyle that many consider for their wedding day is the chignon. This bun that is worn at the nape can be modified accordingly to make it look more modern. Pull all the hair back and tie a bun at the nape or even lower. You can team it up with a floral headpiece or even a veil that can be tied below the bun to show off the hairstyle.

The Retro bun

This is a classic wedding updo hairstyle,The procedure for creating the bun is the same as you would do for any other bun. The only difference that one would probably notice with this wedding hairstyle is that unlike other buns this one is more elongated. It also has a slight raise at the crown which makes it look as though it is a retro inspired look. Preferably you should have shoulder length hair to create this look but you can always think of adding extensions. Pull the hair back in a low ponytail however leave the bangs out. Divide the ponytail into various sections and weave them together intricately in and oblong form. Secure them with pins.

Tousled look

Follow tehse tips for this amazing wedding updo hairstyle

• Start by parting all the hair in three sections. One in the side parting and then the front back section.

• Using a smooth bristle brush smoothen the hair of the back section out and twist the hair around the fingers as though tying a knot.

• Tie the hair in a knot pulling it up and through.

• Twist the ends and secure it downwards.

• Take one of the side portions and comb it lightly. Then take it back to the crown and secure it with bobby pins however keep the ends free.

• Repeat the same with the other side but keep little hair out to form a bang and curve round the face. Secure the entire hair well with pins.

• Comb the tuft of hair from the knot back while leaving the ends of the side sections free.

• You can then use a tiara to accentuate the look further.

You can choose from any of these popular wedding updo hairstyles for your wedding.

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