Wedding Makeup

Wedding make up should be simple and should exhibit elegance. It is necessary to see that the wedding makeup that is done your wedding day is easy and comfortable for the bride to carry the entire day. This year more and more brides are going in for natural wedding makeup. We have lined up some simple to follow bridal wedding makeup tips that will ensure that you get the perfect wedding makeup look for your great day.

Wedding Make up Tips

Follow these simple wedding makeup tips to ensure that you have the perfect wedding makeup and look gorgeous for your great day.

• Try applying wedding makeup you have chosen at least once prior to the wedding to see that it suits you well.

• If your skin is oily, choose a foundation that is water based and oil free. Using the wrong kind of foundation will result in the unnecessary formation of oil leaving the face greasy. On the contrary if your skin is dry go in for a foundation that has some proportion of oil but once again the one best suited to the skin.

• The foundation colour in your wedding makeup should be one that suits the skin tone well. Make sure to blend it properly so that the demarcations are not clearly visible at the jaw line or the hair line.

• On your wedding day you are likely to get emotional so choose mascara that is waterproof and will not smudge. Also do not repeat the application so many times that it will start clumping. As far as possible avoid applying mascara to the lower lashes.

• If you suffer from pimples, acne or blemish, use the concealer and try to hide these marks to the best you can before applying wedding makeup.

• Using an eyelash curler, curl the lashes to make them look fuller.

• Try avoiding foundation in tones of pink and white. They make the face appear very pale in photographs.

• For the wedding eye makeup avoid using dark black eyeliner. They make the eye look small. Instead you could consider creating a Smokey eye look or using colours in shades of brown.

• Avoid using a frosty eye shadow. The eye shadow colour that you use should be light and subtle.

• You can add a little shimmer and shine to the eyes but keep it light and don’t overdo it.

• Always remember to apply the primer as the base before you apply the eye shadow.

• If you apply a two toned eye shadow see that it blends well giving it a natural look as though one colour emerges from the other.

• A thicker eyebrow is what looks good. So instead of trying to make them appear nice and thin you can try filling them with a brow pencil if needed.

• Try to keep your wedding makeup light using pastel shades. These shades are a good option for those who are slim as it enhances the volume. On the other had those on the stouter side should try using darker colours such as black or even burgundy.

• Lighter colours suit small and thin lips better while deep shades look better for fuller lips.

• Have someone help you apply wedding makeup if you are not sure with how to apply wedding makeup.

• You can get a wedding makeup kit from a cosmetic store that will help you with your wedding makeup or you can get a professional wedding makeup done at a salon or get a wedding makeup artist to apply your wedding makeup.

You can follow these simple tips on wedding makeup to get the best wedding makeup done for your big day.

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