Wedding down do hairstyles

It is seen that those with long hair wouldn’t really have problem choosing a trendy and formal hairstyle. Styling your long tresses well you can flaunt some of the best wedding down do hairstyles and look gorgeous. Here are a few wedding down do hairstyles that we have picked up for you.

Wedding Down Do Hairstyles

The Pinned up Curls

The pinned up curls is a great wedding down do hairstyle,It would be much better if you have long hair otherwise you can always think of attaching extensions. The hair is curled through medium length or only the ends. The hair in the front and the side is combed back on top of the head and styled behind using pins that will help secure the hair well. The bangs are left to sweep the forehead. Few strands of hair are loosely left around the face banishing a completely formal look while the curls rest gently on the shoulder. The veil can then be attached at the back of the hair showing off the style in front.

The Sleek Polished Look

Many wouldn’t prefer going in for any formal updo or for that matter even leaving their hair down in curls. For such the best down do wedding hairstyle would be to leave the hair naturally giving it a sleek and polished look.

A Half Down Do

This down do wedding hairstyle is best for all those brides with shoulder length hair as it is not too long neither is it too short. Divide the hair in sections from the front leaving the bangs out. Tease the hair at the crown, giving is a slight raise there forming a puff and then pin it up. Allow the y bangs to loosely fall over the face on both sides. The puff at the crown is an ideal place for you to fix your crown or veil. This is a good down do wedding hairstyle with a veil.

Side Pinned Curls.

Side pinned curls are another perfect option for a down do wedding hairstyle. It works great with long and shoulder length hair. Here is the procedure

• Using large, medium and small sized curling irons curl the hair through medium length maintaining a more natural look.

• Brush the hair lightly with your fingers separating the curls out.

• Part the hair in a side part and secure one portion to one side using a nice flowery hairpin.

• You can forgo the veil and try to accentuate it hairdo more with hair accessories.

• If you want you can bring about a slight change by also adding bangs that can give it a girlish charm

Spiral curls

Many think that curling the hair entirely for and occasion is not a good idea as through the day the curls may lose shape and may come off. However this may not be the case if you have taken proper care to see that the stylist who has done you hair has done it well. In fact long curls are one of the most sought after wedding down do hairstyles for an occasion such as a wedding.

• Make sure that you wash your hair the previous day of the wedding. It has been noticed that the curls don’t set well on freshly washed hair.

• Also if your hair is curly wash and straighten it out the previous day.

• Using hot rollers of different sizes curl the hair entirely and pin them up. Make sure to see that when you remove the rollers they are cold.

• Unpin the curls and then gently using your fingers comb through.

• Pulling only the front section of hair and leaving the sides down pin it up at the back of the head using a crystal barrette.

• For that matter if you want to leave it loose you can try adding highlights to show the curls distinctly. Attach the veil they way you want. You can also use various hair accessories.

Wedding down do hairstyles are best suited for long hair. You can follow the tips given here to select the best wedding down do hairstyle for your wedding.

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