Wedding eye makeup

A wedding happens only once and each bride wants to look the best making all heads turn towards her. Wedding day make up has to be done well. With respect to the eyes always try to keep the wedding eye makeup attractive but simple. The simpler it is the better it looks. If you are able do your eye makeup well it can definitely go a long way in giving you the distinguishing look that you always wanted for your wedding. Learn how to apply wedding eye makeup and learn about different wedding eye makeup techniques in this write-up about wedding eye makeup.

wedding eye makeup tipsWedding eye make Tutorial

Tips for wedding eye makeup:

Follow these simple techniques for wedding eye makeup to get the perfect eye makeup:

• You start with applying the base. It is needed that you apply the eye primer to the eye before you apply the eye shadow if you want it to set well and last longer.

• Then choose the appropriate shade of the eye shadow depending upon the colour of your eyes.

• You can think of applying a little glitter. But try as much as possible to keep it light. It will be good to emphasize the brow bone as well as the lid.

• You can apply a dark shade to eyelids and a lighter shade to the brow bone.

• You can then use an eye liner to line the eyes but make sure that the eyeliner that you use will not smudge and will be able to stand through all the crying.

• Also the mascara that you use should be waterproof and smudge proof. Smudged makeup does not look good and is definitely not a good option especially for your wedding day. Go in for cream based mascara as they are water resistant.

• Once the entire face makeup is done, finish the entire look by dusting slight powder.

wedding eye makeupWedding eye makeup tricks:

• An important thing to consider in wedding eye makeup is the colour of the eye shadow that you will apply for your eyes. On a normal basis, you may apply deep blues and yellow. But when thinking about wedding eye makeup you should try to match it with the colour of your dress, bouquet and the theme. Try to keep the colour more neutral and natural than very bright and loud.

• Do not apply the mascara to the lower lashes. With all the crying it is likely to smudge.

• We generally do not pay much attention to the eyebrows. See that your eyebrows are well groomed and plucked. It is better to get them done about one week prior to the wedding day. This will help you deal with any kind of redness or boils that may erupt. Also try filling in the eyebrows if necessary with a brow pencil if they are scanty.

• Do not substitute the eye shadow for the concealer in wedding eye makeup. If you do so after some time the eye shadow will become greasy as it does not dry the powdery eye shadow like the primer. If you don’t apply the primer you can always apply a layer of powder to the eyelid. Highlight the eyes. Use a darker colour on the lid and lighter on the brow bone.

• Choose an eye shadow that does not have too much of shimmer or glitter for wedding eye makeup.

• Always make sure that you apply the wedding eye makeup first before the face is done. When you apply the eye shadow a few specs of the eye shadow may fall on to the cheek where the makeup has already been done. If you go to wipe it may smudge the makeup and leave few trace of the eye shadow colour.

• Many of the eye liners that we use on a daily basis fade very soon. So make sure that you get eyeliner that will last long and will not smudge for wedding eye makeup.

• And last remember to have a trial of the wedding eye makeup that you will be wearing on your wedding day to see that it suits you well.

You can follow these simple tips and tricks for wedding eye makeup to help you look your best on your big day. Use wedding eye makeup for beautiful eyes for your wedding.

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