Tips to apply Concealer

Just imagine makeup without the concealer. It would have made no sense applying the makeup at all right? The concealer is truly a rescue for those suffering from acne, blemishes, scars and dark eye circles forms an important constituent of our makeup box.Learn how to apply concealer by following tips to apply concealer.

tips to apply concealerTips to apply concealer:

Tips to choose the right concealer

One thing that might confuse you, when you walk into the cosmetics store is what is the kind of concealer that you should purchase? While you select your concealer two things that you should keep in mind is colour and consistency.

Concealer Color: These concealers are available in different tones such as yellow, orange, and pink and white. If you want to cover dark under eye circles, yellow toned ones can do best while orange based ones are a good option for black or dark skin. One should avoid using those concealer that are too white or pink as it does not suit the skin well and shows as artificial. Whenever you go to buy a concealer make sure that you test the color in the neck region below the ear. Pick a colour that is lighter than the foundation. If your skin appears darker in summer and different in other months you will have to choose different shade of the concealer according to the season. If you have scars, you should always try using a shade that is deeper than the skin tone. Besides this you could consider buying the concealer that are specially meant to conceal scars.

Concealer Type: Another thing you should consider is choosing the right kind of concealer that is meant only for your skin type. If you go into a cosmetic store you can find the concealer either in the liquid form, solid stick, or even as a cream. There are brush on concealers available as well in case you’re in an emergency situation and you need an immediate brush up. Other wise you should go in for a concealer that is water resistant. The stick form and the cream are better in the sense that the results that they provide are better and more natural. You should go in for a concealer that is easier to handle. The powder ones are the best since they are dry.

Tips to apply the concealer

Follow these simple steps to apply concealer

The concealer should always be applied before you apply the foundation. The first thing to apply the concealer well is choose the right colour.

• Work it up in layers to give it a fine, even and smooth look.

• Apply the concealer in dots under the eyes.

• Then using the middle finger gently tap it.

• Apply it to different other spots as well that need concealing such as the chin, mouth and around the nose.

• Even after you have applied the concealer if you feel that it requires a slight touch up you can do so. You can then apply the foundation.

• Towards the end slightly dust powder to set the makeup well.

• Also when applying the concealer see that you tap it gently. Don’t try stretching and pulling the skin.

One thing that you should keep in mind when you apply the concealer is that don’t try to apply too much of concealer to the area that you want to conceal. Because it will result in the opposite and will draw the attention of the people more.

The way you apply the concealer differs according to the condition of your face. If you have a clear complexion and don’t suffer from any kind of pimples, blemishes or scar, you can make do with a thin layer of a liquid water based concealer. If you have scars on your face you may have to go in for a concealer that is made especially for scars. These concealers are not heavy or difficult to handle but they differ in consistency. When you want to conceal the scar you start off by using the light shade of the concealer on the darker area and blend it with the lighter area of the scar. Once you are successful in this you then try your level best to even it out with the rest of the face. Concealing dark circles is another problem faced by many. Initially apply an eye cream and allow it to be absorbed into the skin well. Once this is done you can proceed by applying the concealer and gently dab it. Apply it to the corner of the eyes as well.

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