Taylor Swift makeup

Are you on the hunt for some Taylor Swift makeup tips and looks? If yes, then we assure you that you have come to the right place.

Taylor Swift one of the well known country music singers today is also admired for her beauty especially her eyes. Many say that Taylor Swift makeup , is Cleopatra inspired eye makeup with neatly done eye brows that accentuate her natural beauty. So come follow us as we guide you through some tips and tricks to creating your celeb makeup look like Taylor Swift’s. Lets look at some easy to follow Taylor Swift makeup tips here.

Taylor Swift Celeb Makeup Tips:

Follow these simple Taylor Swift makeup tips here to apply makeup like Taylor Swift.

• Always clean the face before you start applying Taylor Swift makeup. It will not only give a clean and neat appearance for your makeup but it is also a tip to make it last longer.

• As far as Taylor Swift’s eye makeup is concerned she doesn’t really use eye shadows in very dark shades. She prefers to keep it neutral. So eye shadow shades that you can use to mimic Taylor Swift’s celeb makeup style can include light brown, baby pink or even peach.

• Black liquid eyeliner for Taylor Swift makeup look is something that Taylor Swift really can’t do without. She mostly applies it to the upper lash line to make the eyes look bigger. So if you plan to create a celeb makeup look like Taylor Swift don’t forget to use it.

• Try as mush to create the winged eye look while copying Taylor Swift makeup style.

• Using a tissue paper blot out any excess lipstick.

• To make your lipstick last longer and prevent it from fading out a Taylor Swift makeup tip is to apply a lip balm prior to applying the lipstick.

• When selecting a lip gloss you can go in for a nude lip gloss.

• If you want to achieve a more dramatic look for your celeb inspired makeup you can do a Taylor Swift Smokey eye look in black or grey. Team it up with a nude pink lipstick.

How to create a celeb makeup look like Taylor Swift:

These simple tips will help you get the Taylor Swift makeup look.

• Moisturize: The first thing you should do after you wash your face clean is to moisturize it well. Always pick the moisturizer depending upon the type of skin that you have.

• Foundation: You begin applying the makeup with the foundation. Apply the foundation using a brush and then blend it using a sponge. Conceal any dark under eye circles with a concealer and set the foundation and concealer by dusting some loose translucent powder.

Taylor Swift eye makeup

As we try to imitate Taylor Swift makeup style we’ll show you how to create the cat eye look that she usually wears.

– To begin with apply a mauve tone eye shadow for the entire eyelid.

– Define the eyes well by using a darker shade of plum to the crease region. Blend both together well.

– Use a navy blue eye liner pencil and rim the lashes both top and bottom. Extend the line the upward as you proceed to the outer corner of the eyes. Also extend it beyond the outer edge for a few millimeters.

– Moisten an eyeliner brush and using a navy blue eye shadow, press the eye shadow gently to the entire lash line.

– To give it a slight Smokey look, smudge it using your finger.

– You can touch up the eye makeup with some shimmery white eye shadow at the outer corner and the centre of the eyelid.

– Fill in the eye brows using a stencil and some matching brow powder.

– Don’t forget to curl the lashes and apply the mascara. For your Taylor Swift inspired celeb makeup look you can use black mascara or even brown.

Taylor Siwft Blush makeup:

To copy Taylor Swift makeup look use a mauve blush for the apples of your cheeks. You can also use a peach pink blush for you Taylor Swift inspired celeb makeup look.

Taylor Swift Lip makeup:

If you have observed closely you will notice that Taylor Swift is always seen sporting a bright red lipstick for her celeb makeup look. So you could do the same. Follow this order – first line the lips, then lipstick and last gloss. If you don’t really like red thinking it won’t suit you choose another shade that will complement the rest of the makeup.

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