One of the growing trends of modern times especially among youngsters is to get themselves a funky and stylish tattoo done. The tattoos were earlier mainly done for some religious purposes and having various other significance it has now become a fashion statement. The tattoo is a marking that is made on the skin with permanent ink. Today the tattoos are made in various designs and colours. Learn more about Tattoo tips for girls here.

tattoo tips for girlsTattoo Tips for Girls

Girls too have gone ahead with their male counterparts in trying out these tattoos for themselves. They get themselves a tattoo on the neck, the ankle, wrist and even the lower back. A number of tattoo designs are available if you go in for a tattoo at the nearest tattoo studio. Many prefer going in for a tattoo at the wrist as it an ideal and suitable place. Being small in area a nice small tattoo or a simple band could also do. There can be three places where you can get yourself a tattoo on the wrist- the inner or top wrist or you could even consider one, right round. Inner wrist tattoo are the one most tried by girls as it can also be easily concealed. The other two kinds of wrist tattoos are clearly visible and so are tried by a few. On the wrist many try writing just a name or any kind of word or even the initials of a loved one. While considering wrist tattoos for a girl a single star or maybe a line of different sizes and shapes wrapped around the wrist could be a good option. Most of the tattoos for girls are floral patterns. You can combine these floral patterns with ribbons and bows to give it a more intricate and feminine look. Zodiac signs are also choice that many go in for.

girl tattoo tipsNeck tattoos for girls should always be something small and neat. There are those who go to cover the entire neck potion with a tattoo however it doesn’t really look nice. One can go in for a tattoo design such as angel or a fairy just behind the neck. Butterflies are also chosen by many. Many people prefer going in for flowers at the ankle. Some even get themselves tattooed at the ankle for a cluster of stars or plainly just one star. The lower back tattoos which girls usually go in for are not really looked at in a nice way. To do away with this you can think of going in for an ankle tattoo or tattoo on the foot.

If you compare tattoos on other parts of the body those on the back and lower back just above the tail bone are more popular. Generally people who are very serious about their tattoo design have a deeper meaning to their tattoo. Especially for the back people go in for a dragon, maybe a big flower or an angel covering the entire back region or so.

girl tattoosTips you should remember while getting your tattoo done

When you get your tattoo done avoid touching it at least for two hours or so. Later don’t wash it regularly with soaps as they contain chemicals that may erupt in the form of an infection.

When you remove the bandages after an hour wash the area gently with an anti bacterial soap.

Avoid the sun for the first two weeks.

Don’t pick or scratch at your tattoo.

If your skin is dark or tanned avoid using too much colour. Use colours such as red avoid colours such as yellow, purple, blue.

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