Is this the first time that you are getting a tattoo design done and don’t know exactly how to go about it? Here’s what you should read to get to know the right designs and also the perfect place for a tattoo for girls so that you won’t ruin a perfect tattoo design. Learn more about tattoo Locations for girls here.


Tattoos designs for girls are mainly those that are attractive and very subtle including a cupid or just a spray of flowers. However some can go in for really hardcore tattoo designs for girls such as a dagger a dragon depending upon what significance it has in their life. Some may even do it just to follow the crowd.

Tattoo Location for girls

Lower Back Tattoos

Lower back tattoos are the one that most girls prefer to get done since it can be easily hidden. Lower back tattoos are also known as the tramp stand. Lower back tattoos are available in different sizes and types. They vary from small and cute tattoo designs right up to large ones.

Foot Tattoos for Girls

Foot is the place that many especially girls get their tattoo done. Foot tattoos for girls mostly include smaller designs that can be easily placed on the foot region. It is definitely easy and convenient to conceal as compared to shoulder tattoos, and lower back tattoos for girls. Foot tattoos are a little more painful than the other areas as it is a bony structure and it also takes a longer to heal once the tattoo is done. But if you ignore the rest these foot tattoos look awesome.

Bracelet Tattoo Designs

Bracelet tattoo designs are the ones that are most appealing to girls. Floral vines are the tattoo designs that look best for a wrist tattoo. Besides tribal tattoo and Celtic tattoos are the others that suit best for wrist tattoos.

Ankle Tattoos

Ankle tattoos are a unique and trendy way to get your tattoo done. Like the wrist some of the tattoos that you can get done are floral vines, dolphins, tribal tattoos and Celtic designs. However you have to be careful to choose a particular design since all may not look good in the ankle region.

So think before you actually get your tattoo done. Choose an appropriate spot and good design that will suit you best. Make sure to see that you take all your decisions carefully so that you don’t regret it later.

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