Is this the first time that you are getting a tattoo design done and don’t know exactly how to go about it? Here’s what you should read to get to know the right tattoo designs for girls and also the perfect place for a tattoo design for girls so that you won’t ruin a perfect tattoo design. Learn more about tattoo designs for girls here.


Tattoos designs for girls are mainly those that are attractive and very subtle including a cupid or just a spray of flowers. However some can go in for really hardcore tattoo designs for girls such as a dagger a dragon depending upon what significance it has in their life. Some may even do it just to follow the crowd.

Different Types of Tattoo Designs for Girls

  • Star tattoo designs are a popular tattoo design for girls. Along with being one of the most convenient tattoo to get done, these star tattoos have an age old significance. The nautical stars were used earlier widely among sailors as they formed indicators of direction for them. Today being popular among people especially girls going in for tattoos, these stars stand for a safe and harmonious journey through life. These stars are tattooed either on the arm or the back. Apart from individual stars some get even the entire constellation or just a cluster of stars tattooed. Besides, these tattoos also stand for ambition and success.
  • Flowers bring freshness and joy into people’s lives, they add colour to our lives. Floral tattoo designs are feminine tattoos that are preferred by girls as armbands, wrist tattoos, ankle tattoos or even as a lower back tattoo. Most of the well known flowers in the tattoo world are the roses, orchids, peonies, flowering vines and many more.
  • Tribal tattoos for girls: Tattoos among tribals have their own religious and ritualistic importance. With a few modifications here and there these tribal tattoos now occupy an important place in the tattoo design list. Done mainly in black ink these tattoos make use of thick interweaving lines to form the design. They are mostly done as an armband and leg band.
  • Heart Tattoos:It seems as though with each and every heart design that a tattoo artist draws he gets the inspiration to add a little more to it to make it better and different from the previous one. The traditional heart tattoo with the arrow is probably one of the most famous heart tattoo design for girls especially those smitten by love. Apart from the traditional heart design mentioned above many like to get in inked in different colours and shapes and patterns.
  • Fairy tattoos are the other tattoos that are most widely chosen by girls especially ‘Tinkerbelle’. These fairy tattoos for girls are ideal mainly as lower back tattoos or simply the entire back. They symbolize fate and destiny and form wonderful creatures to have
  • Angel tattoos: Among women, angel tattoos are increasingly popular. Some get it done as a sign of religious devotion while there are others who get an angel tattoo since the angel is a guardian.
  • Dolphin tattoos are a great hit not only among girls but among others as well since they stand for all that is positive- the greatest of all harmony and freedom.
  • Zodiac tattoo designs are also a perfect tattoo design for girls. It is one that you would probably not regret since your zodiac sign will never change. Besides it seems quite artistic and looks as a perfect design for a tattoo. One of the tattoo designs that is going on form long is the butterfly design tattoo.
  • Apart from the customary tattoos that girls generally go in for such as floral tattoos, fairy tattoos you can also think of getting a tattoo that is trendy and unique.
  • Ambigrams are a good option as they are something different and rarely chosen.

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