Sweat-proof-makeupIt can be very irritating when you’re perfectly done makeup starts slipping and sliding with sweat. Sweating can be a big problem for women wearing makeup, especially during summers where the sweltering heat makes the problem worse. The heat makes the skin get oilier and sweatier ultimately resulting in the breaking down of makeup. But this should not make you give up applying makeup. There are ways to sweat proof your makeup. Let’s take a look at how to ensure the summer heat does not spoil your makeup and how to sweat proof your makeup.

Ways to Sweat Proof your Makeup

  • First and foremost one of the important ways to sweat proof your makeup is to look after the skin well.  Those with oily skin wash their skin many times a day to banish the shiny look that shows up with sweat. However, that is not the way to avoid oiliness on the skin.  Too much washing will indirectly affect the sebaceous glands (oil producing) thus making the skin oilier. So cleansing the face twice a day morning and night will be enough. It will contain oil formation that will automatically sweat proof your makeup when applied.
  • You need to make sure that you exfoliate the skin properly and regularly.
  • Avoid layering makeup. The more makeup you slather more is the likelihood that your makeup will slide. Try using products such as moisturizer with inbuilt sunscreen. It prevents the cakey look with too many layers.
  • To make your makeup sweat proof you can use a light moisturizer in place of the thick creams. The light moisturizers get well absorbed into the skin but the thicker creams tend to look oilier with the sweat after some time. To remove excess moisture from the skin, after you apply the moisturizer, gently tap the face with a tissue.
  • It is advisable to use a foundation primer for your makeup to make it sweat proof. The primer that you use should be non-drying and oil free. It will absorb the oil produced by the skin and will not make it look shiny in certain areas.
  • Choose your foundation with utmost care. It should be one matching your skin tone and your skin type. For those with oily skin the oil free ones will be the best choice for sweat proof makeup.
  • If you’re searching for sweat proof eye makeup you can use powdered eye shadows. Apply the eye primer before you apply the powdered eye shadows. They will last longer and not melt with the sweat. You can even use the cream to powder eye shadows for your sweat proof makeup.
  • Sweat proof eye makeup will also include using eye pencils to line the eyes in place of the creamy formulas. Creamy formulas can be used but use the sweat proof, smudge proof and waterproof eyeliners. Even your mascara should be sweat proof so that it does not melt and create a messy makeup look.
  • If you’re still not able to make your makeup completely sweat proof you have the blotting papers that come really handy. Always carry some in your bag. You have the powder free blotting papers and those that come with a touch of powder. You can choose whichever you want for your sweat free makeup. You can dab the blotting paper in the shiny areas to pick up the excess oil. Do this from time to time to maintain the flawless finish of your makeup.
  • Mineral makeup is the best option if you’re looking for ways to make your makeup sweat proof.
  • Stay away from oil based products especially if you have oily skin and if you sweat a lot. Opt for a water based foundation and concealer.
  • For the lip makeup, stick to a more natural shade.  You can line and fill in the lips with the lip liner before you apply the lipstick.
  • You can use a tinted moisturizer for your sweat proof makeup. It helps to even out the skin tone. It works great both for oily and dry skin.
  • Set your makeup with loose translucent powder.

Following these simple tips and ideas will ensure that your makeup is not ruined by the heat and sweat, so next time you go out in the heat and sun, sweat proof your makeup.

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