side-ponytails-for-promThe desperately waiting event is on the up, preparations of girls are at hype. Buying impressive outfits & cosmetics to look gorgeous at the glamour’s eve is the wish of every one. Well to look impressive & beautiful a girl need combination of many thing. Outfit are important along with facial makeup, but to complete the look, perfect hairstyle is equally important. There are many type of hair style for different shade, size & strength of hairs. But recently the style that is worn by many of the girls & women who have either long or short hairs is the Side ponytail hairstyle.

The Side ponytail hairstyle for prom is always considered to be a style reserved for the gym or while working around the house, but now days it is seen that many celebrities wearing the side pony tail hairstyle at major events. The simple side ponytail hairstyle gives elegant side ponytail hairstyles that one can wear for an event like the prom. Lined up are the few tips on how to look good with Side pony tail hairstyle for prom.

Side ponytail hairstyles

If you want to wear a Side pony tail for prom, few things should be kept in mind. The most important of them is that a Side ponytail hairstyle for prom would look good only if your hair looks healthy and shiny. Side pony tail has a classy look that is created combining sassy volume throughout the sides and crown. It is perfect choice for event like parties, formal prom nights to wedding or homecoming occasions. Side ponytail for prom can be of many types. It can have a base that can be slightly positioned behind one ear will the tail pulled, to the front side over the shoulder. It can be slightly positioned in front of one ear. It can be zigzag or can be wrapped up and double up into chignons, loops, twists, and side buns.

Thing to be taken care of while wearing Side pony tail hairstyle

First you should clean your hair, to avoid any difficulty. Make sure you don’t have oily hair because the band holding your ponytail is going to slip because of the oil. If your hair is dry and you have not conditioned it then you are running the risk for splitting the ends. Condition your hair before you start doing your hairstyle, do the regular conditioning of your hair to get smooth sleek and shiny look. If you wish to go for a straight hair look for your side pony tail, you can use a hair straightening iron to straighten your hair. For the shiny sleek look, use some hair products that contain silicon, as silicon gives the added shine to your hairs. If you wish for a wavy look then for swept bangs side pony tail. This side ponytail hairstyle has sleek, swept bangs that come slightly on the forehead with a few strands on the side.

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