If you’re all confused and can’t figure out how to style our short hair for a formal occasion as a wedding read on. Probably we could help you get an inkling of the perfect short wedding hairstyle for your wedding.

Short Wedding Hairstyles

Short and bold wedding hairstyle

You can consider going in for a short cut and the styling it with a floral hair band to accentuate the look. Here is the step by step procedure to set your short hair well making it look cute and chic as a short wedding hairstyle. For this kind of a hairstyle you need to cut your hair short and allow it to taper at the sides.

• Once you have got the perfect haircut that is needed, apply a texturing spray to hair that is toweled dried.

• Blow dry the hair. Using you fingers try as much and lift the hair from the root. Make sure that you do this particularly well at the crown.

• Create a wide part using some light wax.

• If the hair doesn’t look well defined, you can always smoothen out the front using a flat iron before you apply the wax.

• Finally use a floral headpiece to accentuate the haircut. Place it in such a way below that the crown that there is equal amount of hair in the front to complement the back.

Chin length cut with curls wedding hairstyle

For this short wedding hairstyle you would require hair that is chin length or slightly longer.

• First you curl the ends of the hair using a curl iron. Comb through using your fingers.

• Create a deep side part allowing one side to lie loosely on the forehead.

• Then slick back the sides of the hair.

• You can team it up with a veil or a crystal encrusted headpiece.

Short and straight wedding hairstyle

Another short wedding hairstyle that you can consider if you have very short hair is to keep it straight and smooth.

• Blow dry the trying to make it straight as much as possible.

• Then using a flat iron smoothen out the small sections of hair.

• A bird cage veil with a crystal clip is the best option of an accessory for this short wedding hairstyle.

Trendy side pinned curls short wedding hairstyle

If you have short hair you need not worry as you to get your hair curled for your wedding just like those others with long hair whom you envy, follow the tips here for this great short wedding hairstyle.

• Separate the hair into various sections.

• Curl the hair using a medium barrel curling iron.

• To set your shortened curls well use a holding spray.

• Using your fingers gently comb through your curled tresses.

• Use bobby pins and pin some hair to the side. Adorn the hair with fresh flowers such as a nice big rose or gardenia.

Other short wedding hairstyle tips

Follow these simple tips for short wedding hairstyles

• You could simply slick all your hair and pin it up with a big flowery or jeweled clip at the back thus making it appear as though you have long hair.

• Simply pull all your hair back with a hair band.

• A silky sash tied from the top of the head to the nape leaving the ends to lie on the shoulders is another good option for a short wedding hairstyle.

• A soft bob accentuated with a dainty tiara or a crystal barrette looks stunning.

• If you’re bent on getting an updo done don’t worry you can always use extensions. However always get a trial of you faux updo.

• If you have naturally wavy you could use a proper serum and set the waves and curls well. Use highlights to make it look gorgeous.

If you have short hair follow these tips on short wedding hairstyles listed here.

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