Sensitive Eye Makeup

Eyes are the most beautiful part in a woman. When we speak of eyes combining its natural beauty with makeup is ideal. Who wouldn’t want to look beautiful after all, however, people with sensitive eyes have a limited set of choices for doing eye makeup, especially for those who wear lenses. There is often fear for developing a rash of some sort or an allergy of some sort. Sometimes people who wear lenses go without makeup for the fear of these things. Eyes are after all the most sensitive organ of the body. However, you needn’t fear any more. In this section, we are dedicating this space for all those women with sensitive eyes, an exclusive article on Sensitive Eye Makeup .

Let’s look at some tips on Sensitive Eye Makeup

Hypoallergic Makeup is the way to go girl, you need to buy all your makeup with this tag on. The other thing that you need to keep in mind is make up that is non comedogenic. The dermatologist has approved these products and it is safe to use them without a worry. They work great on your skin without causing it to burn or itch. Remember some facts about makeup. You need to change your makeup kit regularly, i.e. don’t keep a makeup kit with you for more than 3-4 months, since cosmetics contain preservatives and with time they can grow bacteria which is terrible for the skin.

Look out for make up that is free of fragrance; this is the right makeup to be chosen for sensitive skin. Since our skin is conscious of fragrances and may develop an allergy. It is always better to look at the ingredients of a certain makeup kit before buying them. One needs to be aware of what one is buying.

While you are choosing your eye shadow for sensitive eye makeup, look out for creamy eye shadow or gel eye shadow since powder will cause your skin to flake and itch, causing it to produce a rash. You can keep shimmer and glittery eye shadows out of your makeup kit. See to it that eye shadows don’t penetrate in the eyes, and if they do not use a make up remover to remove it, splash some cold water to remove it. You cannot expect your eye makeup to be totally complete without a nice swish of Mascara on it. Hence, for sensitive eye makeup you can use mascara too, however lookout for the Hypoallergic tag. Don’t try to lengthen your lashes, since it may cause irritation in your eyes. Also removing mascara takes a lot of effort, this is the reason why lighter swishes of mascara is good enough for sensitive eye makeup. Also see to it that you are not using an old mascara, keep throwing away the older mascara every 3-4 months. Do not ever use water proof mascara for sensitive eye makeup, this causes damage to lenses and eyes as well. So beware of water proof mascara, they are very difficult to remove.

For sensitive eye makeup remember you need to remove sensitive eye makeup using a sensitive eye makeup remover. Yes you do get a sensitive eye makeup remover and you can use just this since it is very mild on the skin. Go for using good and quality brands on your eyes.

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