Scary Halloween Makeup

How about scaring the living dreams out of people this time around? For the great Scary Halloween Makeup read on.

There are a whole range of Scary Halloween Makeup ideas that can be used in this case. You can don the dresses and the makeup of one of those paranormal creatures and wait to scare people. You can also use the garb of witches, vampires and other such creatures. Inspiration has to be drawn from the movies that you may have seen in the past. People love to wear the witch makeup since the look adds to the sophistication and the mystery.

How to wear Scary Halloween Makeup ideas?

Evil Witch Scary Halloween Makeup ideas

Let your imagination run wild here, you know how those old, vintage witches look. Dark robes, with darker circles around the eyes, and the deathly pale look of the face. You need to wear artificial sharp teeth, you will need a wrinkled face, teeth must be dismantled and ghastly eyes. That’s what the evil Scary Halloween Makeup ideas is all about. Get a pointed hat, so that it completes the look. You can use dark eyeliners and apply some loose parts of foundation on your face. Remember you need to accentuate your jaw line so, use some dark brown eye shadow to do that. Use dark eye liners and eye shadows for your eyes.

Dark Fairy Scary Halloween Makeup ideas

For the dark fairy Scary Halloween Makeup ideas you will need to sport the look of a dark fairy witch, whose intentions are anything but good. The dark fairy look has to be gruesome and funny at the same time. Wear a dress that is black in color, paint your face white, so that you can get the essence of black and white contrast. Do the edgy eye makeup, with black and purple and golden. Blend them well so that they don’t look patchy and disrupted. You can also try wearing a weird colored contact lens if you like. But see to it that the color of the contact lens matches your eye shadow.

Ice Queen Scary Halloween Makeup ideas

Ice Queen Scary Halloween Makeup ideas makes your face look super scary since in ice queen makeup you have to paint your face deathly white. You have to bring on the ultimate deathly pale look so as to show that there is no blood in your body. The dress you need to wear must be white and quite body hugging one. The entire theme of your make up has to be white, so use white eye shadows and mascaras to bring on the ice queen Scary Halloween Makeup.

Vampire Scary Halloween Makeup ideas

The vampire Scary Halloween Makeup ideas is one of the most popular Scary Halloween Makeup ideas. You have to wear big teeth, false, if you can and paint your face peach, i.e. brown Mixed with white. Remember for the vampire Scary Halloween Makeup ideas you need to paint your eyes absolutely in contrast with your face. Try adding shades of the colors black and blue. This will look wonderful as opposed to your peachish face.

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