Rihanna makeup

Have you ever wondered where Rihanna gets all the unusual ideas for her glamorous and provocative celeb makeup?

Rihanna – this dusky beauty is a real risk taker. Rihanna makeup style clearly shows her fearless attitude to think out of the box and come up with something unusual. This defines her celeb makeup style. For the many inspired by Rihanna celeb makeup style explore this segment and learn more about this celebrated singer’s makeup look. Try out these tips and tricks and feel fabulous being Rihanna for a day.

Rihanna’s personal celeb makeup style speaks for itself. The unique celeb makeup styles that she carries with grace and elegance are known for their loud colours and intense shades. But before you simply plunge into colours go through the tips and Rihanna makeup looks to prevent your makeup from turning into a disaster.

Rihanna Face Makeup

Though slightly on the darker side, Rihanna boasts of flawless skin. That is a secret to perfect Rihanna makeup. So to start off make sure that you clean the face and moisturize it well.

• Spread out a liquid foundation evenly to have optimum coverage of any imperfections in the skin thus adding a natural glow.

• Dust the foundation with a loose translucent powder to set the makeup and increase its lasting power. To completely copy Rihanna makeup looks don’t use the powder on the brow bone and cheeks. This what she does because she prefers a dewy look for her celeb makeup.

• Rihanna is not at all colour conscious. She varies her makeup look as she feels. For a Rihanna inspired dramatic celeb makeup look, use dark eye shadows and don’t forget to team it up with bright pink lipstick.

• For a soft Rihanna makeup look keep the blush and eye shadows neutral and in earthy shades.

• Rihanna celeb makeup look is incomplete without bright coloured blush. So remember to pick that up as well. You could select pink and apricot. As far as the cheek bones are concerned use a highlighting powder.

• Considering Rihanna celeb makeup, be it loud or subtle the lipstick always goes with gloss, making them look nice and plum. Lipstick colours that you should choose to imitate the perfect makeup look of Rihanna are bright red or pink. To keep it natural use neutral shades with a touch of shimmer.

Rihanna Bold Celeb Eye Makeup: How to and Some Tips

The words that would be apt to describe Rihanna eye makeup are Smokey and cat eye. Smokey eye and cat eye makeup can rather be described as her trademark. Skim through to know how to create Rihanna celeb eye makeup look.

• Always start by creating a base for the eye shadow using a good eye primer. If it is not possible apply the foundation and dust it with a loose powder. This is very necessary especially since you will be losing bright colours for your Rihanna inspired eye makeup.

• Using your finger tips blend the concealer well and cover up any dark under eye circles that is likely to spoil your eye makeup.

• A tip to create a bright eye makeup is to use eye shadow powders instead of the cream eye shadows. Cream eye shadows are likely to cause the eye makeup to wear off soon.

• The bright colours that you pick for the eye shadow should be chosen according to the eye shape and the eye colour. You could use colours such as mauve, lemon yellow, soft orange and pale sky blue.

• For deep set eyes use colour for both the upper and lower lash line.

• Since you will be using a bright coloured eye shadow keep the highlighter light in shades of beige or those that are lighter than skin colour. Use it from the crease to the brow bone.

• To give the eye lashes a fuller look line the upper lash line with a dark colour.

• For a cat eye look that is very similar to Rihanna eye makeup extend the lower lash line out a bit not much while for the upper one slant it upwards.

• Well done eye lashes can also enhance the look of the bright coloured eyes. So curl the lashes and apply a coat of mascara to give it added volume and length. Apply several coats for an intense and bold look.

• Keep the rest of your makeup simple to avoid the bright colours from competing with each other.

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