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Purple Smokey Eye Makeup

Speaking about Purple Smokey Eye Makeup there may be so many nodding their heads in a complete no! But what we don’t realize is that Purple Smokey Eye Makeup is one of the most dominant makeup trends this season. Be it on the catwalk or a simple night out with friends the Purple Smokey Eye Makeup can truly make your eyes pop. Leave aside the traditional black and brown Smokey Eye Makeup and experiment with vibrant ones. Flaunt a clean Purple Smokey Eye Makeup and look gorgeous!!!

Essentials for a Purple Smokey Eye Makeup

• Eye primer

• Eye shadows in three shades

- Burgundy

- Grayish blue

- Dark purple

• Black eye pencil

• Black mascara

Purple Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

• Purple is a shade that suits almost all colour eyes. But still to be on the safer side for your Purple Smokey Eye Makeup try to find out the shade of purple that will look best for you depending upon your skin and eye colour

• Layering techniques are used for Purple Smokey Eye Makeup. That is why it becomes necessary to use an eye primer as the base.

• For a dramatic Purple Smokey Eye Makeup idea team purple with green.

• As a Purple Smokey Eye Makeup tip remember to fill in the eye brows.

• You can also use a violet eye liner for your Purple Smokey Eye Makeup.

• Remember this Purple Smokey Eye Makeup tip. While applying Purple Smokey Eye Makeup use loose powder in the under eye area. It becomes easier to wipe out any makeup that has fallen.

• Another tip to make the eyes appear wider is to avoid lining the eyes very close to the lash line.

• The rest of the face makeup should be kept simple.

How to apply Purple Smokey Eye Makeup

There are varied ideas for Purple Smokey Eye Makeup. You can either keep it intense and dramatic or simple and subtle. We have compiled for you two purple eye makeup ideas one intense and one subtle. Pick one that suits you best.

The step by step instructions for an intense and sultry Purple Smokey Eye Makeup look:

• Before you commence with the Purple Smokey Eye Makeup make sure that the eye region is clean.

• Prepare the eyelid with the eye primer. To dispense with the eye primer as an alternative you can use foundation and set it with loose powder. This will help the eye shadow to adhere well to the eyelid.

• Taking a small quantity of a purple shade with a red under tone such as burgundy, sweep it lightly over the entire lid just below the crease. Only spread it out evenly. Don’t try to correct the imperfections.

• Using an eye shadow brush and some grayish blue eye shadow apply it starting form the inner corner of the eye. Apply it in a manner so as to cover approximately one third of the eyelid.

• Then proceed by covering the middle portion with the dark purple eye shadow.

• Mark the outer edge of the eyelid with the purple shade used in the beginning.

• And then blend well to achieve your Purple Smokey Eye Makeup look. Make it appear as though the following shade emerges from the previous one.

• To give the Purple Smokey Eye Makeup a more balanced look, apply some light purple eye shadow at the lower lash line.

• Line both the upper and the lower lash line with a black eye pencil.

• Curl the lashes and complete the purple eye makeup look with a coat of mascara.

• You can add slight shimmer for a more dramatic look.

For a Subtle Purple Smokey Eye Makeup look follow this:

• Prepare the eyelids with a thin layer of eye primer.

• Draw a thick line close to the lash line using a dark violet eye pencil. Begin at the outer edge and then move inside.

• Using a sponge tip applicator, smudge the eyeliner and soften it. But keep it darker at the lash line.

• Then taking a complementing shade such as lavender, sweep it over the entire eyelid up to the crease. Blend the colours well.

• To accentuate the eyes more quickly run an eye pencil over the top lash line. Repeat the same for the lower lash line.

• Gently dab some violet eye shadow into the lower lash line as well to give it the purple Smokey eye look.

• Finish off with a coat or two of mascara.

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