Looking gorgeous & beautiful in all aspect is the choice of every girl or women today. To glorify the beauty of the face, some of the women choose the option of natural products, while in the current scenario many of them choose cosmetic products. There is a wide range of facial cosmetic products from many branded companies. There are many different products for every part of the face. Here I would like to discuss about eye makeup. How to make your eyes appealing? How to draw attention of many with the charisma of your eyes? How the color eye makeup can be done? Which color to choose for eye makeup? And what are the different techniques to do eye makeup. There are many colors of eye makeup products in the cosmetic market for your choice. One can choose the color of eye makeup depending on personal choice, on the basis of when & where you have to wear it. Which color eye makeup will suits with your skin tone. All such decisions are to be taken well in order to give a beauty to your eyes.

Purple Makeup TipsEye makes are the eye catchers. They draw the attention on the face. There are many colors that can give a smoky & dramatic look to your eyes. They will also look sexy when you choose a color which is shiny. Purple eye makeup is seen to be a popular choice of many who want to experiment with color. Purple makeup style is wonderful color makeup style used by many. Purple makeup gives a very cool & a diva like look. You can apply purple makeup not only to your eyes, but can also wear on your nails or on lips. One who wears purple makeup should wear neutral color clothes so that the purple color makeup can be seen from a distance.

How to apply purple makeup

Right purple makeup tips are important for the one who likes to wear purple makeup. If we talk about purple makeup tips for lips, then one should remember that when you want your lips to look shiny & sexy in purple color, then do not apply the lipstick that is too dark. You should go for sheer purple or a wine color. Start with the lip pencil of the same shade to line your lips, fill out your lips with lipstick using brush. For darker shade of purple, use a moisturizing matte lipstick & avoid the use of lip gloss over it. For nails, you need to follow very simple purple makeup tips. Select a true purple nail polish with a glossy shine & apply the nail polish after you are done with the facial makeup.

Purple makeup tips for eyes

Purple eye makeup was a trend in the beginning of 80s & still is popular with many women. One can use purple eye shadow for a look like a hardcore party girl. It not only gives a diva look but also give an elegant look to your eyes. How to apply purple eye makeup is important. One can follow simple & easy purple makeup tips to get appealing looks. You can first start with the eye primer, apply eye primer to your eyelids by primer brush. Then apply a thick layer of translucent face powder with the help of blush brush. Select a mid tone eye shadow; apply it to your eyelid with the help of flat brush. Now apply a sheer purple eye shadow on brow bone. Now complete your purple eye makeup by curling your eyelashes using curler and apply black mascara to give your lashes volume and make them look dense and long.

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