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Purple Makeup Tips

You love the colour purple but afraid to use it for your eye makeup thinking that it will give you a bruised look. Don’t worry!!! Purple eye makeup may seem to be a dark colour but it is not at all a bad idea for eye makeup. Regardless of what the world says about the colour purple you go ahead and bring out the beauty of your eyes with purple eye makeup. Follow these simple purple makeup ideas we have lined up here.

Purple eye makeup is a universal colour and works great for hazel, green and brown eyes. Here we offer you some purple eye makeup tips and ideas that will definitely enhance the look of your eyes.

Purple Eye Makeup Ideas

Follow these simple purple eye makeup tips for beautiful bold purple eyes.

• In certain cases purple may give you a bruised look. To avoid this don’t use purple shades with a reddish undertone. Instead opt for deep purples with a bluish tinge and those that are slightly brownish.

• With regard to face makeup a lot depends upon the skin tone. Olive skinned women considering purple eye makeup ideas should stick to a deep grape shadow. Women on the lighter side could use lavender.

• You can spice up your purple eye makeup using a suitable coloured eye liner and mascara as an alternative to black.

• For purple eye makeup, keep the application of eye liner and mascara a little heavier to add more depth to the eyes.

• If you have blue eyes the best purple eye makeup tip is to use lavender shades.

• You can team purple with gold, taupe, bronze and brown for a perfect and full proof look.

• If you want to create a dramatic look with your purple eye makeup, just add a bit of black and a highlighter at the inner corner of the eyes.

How to Apply Purple Eye Makeup

Follow these simple tips on how to apply purple eye makeup

• Prepare the eye area well using an eye primer as the base.

• Use a creamy concealer or a skin coloured eye shadow to assist the eye shadow in sticking well to the eyelid.

• Use some translucent eye powder below the eyes. This makes it easier to wipe out any fallout of the purple eye shadow.

• Using an eye shadow brush sweep some mid tone to dark purple eye shadow across the eye lid starting from the lash line extending up to the crease. You can sweep the brush lightly across the lower lash line as well to create a balanced look.

• Then taking a lighter shade of purple highlight the brow bone. Blend both the colours together well so there is no visible line to tell where the first colour ends and the other one starts.

• Use a creamy eye pencil to line the eyes. You may pick black, brown or either purple.

• Curl the lashes and apply mascara to give you purple eye makeup a polished look.

You can follow these simple purple eye makeup ideas for bold purple eyes. You can use these purple eye makeup tips for a party or even to work.

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