The few hours before a prom night, tend to be really very tense and annoying. For some they just can’t find the perfect dress to wear and for some it may be their hair that worries them. Many a time, the hair is such, that just letting it down doesn’t really look nice and maybe a hair updo won’t really hold well. But there is no need to worry you can always go in for a half updo.

Half Updos for Prom

half-updos-for-promProm half updo hairstyles are now becoming more and more popular even for formal occasions such as a prom. If your hair is short you can always think of adding extensions to create your prom half updo hairstyle. One prom hair updo that you can think of is take the side strands of hair, Twist them slightly and then try clipping it behind the head using a jeweled clip or headpiece thus raising it slightly at the top. Curl the rest of the strands using a curling iron or rollers and allow them to lie plainly. If you want to bring about variations in the look you can pin it at the side use fresh flowers along with the clip to give it a more traditional and elegant look. You could also consider leaving the hair straight instead of curling it. But remember that if you are tall don’t raise the hair on top of the head too much as this will make you look even taller and definitely won’t look good. At the same time if you have a small body frame don’t trying going in for curls. It adds to the volume of the hair and so does not go well with delicate and petite frame. Also avoid attaching extensions that are too long. It will show your short height clearly.

A Natural Formal Look:

You can start off by tying your hair in a ponytail. Few strands can be left loosely around the ears and over the forehead giving it a look like a fringe. Tie a half bun and then curl the ends of the hair, if you have straight hair. In case of naturally curly hair just let the curls fall or else you could set it with rollers to give it a distinct appearance. You can also decorate it with some kind of hair accessory.

prom half updosPinned Back Curls:

You can simply curl your hair and then pin it up to the back of the head slightly higher. Or else you can pin it up with a clip just above the nape.

High Sweep:

You divide the hair into sections, wherein you can think of having a sweep in the front that covers the forehead a bit. A second section can then be raised and clipped just somewhere in line with the nape in such a manner that it gives the hair a kind of up do look. The remaining hair that is left loose can then be curled and brought to one side. You can use a hair spray to give it a better look. This maybe be a combination of an updo and a down do.

Another hairstyle can be as follows. Part the hair in the center and comb it flat to one side. Pin it up with a clip at the nape and then curl the rest of the hair below, making definite and distinct curls. Place the hair to one side.

Thus if a hair updo doesn’t suit you or if you’re not comfortable with leaving your hair down you can always think of considering a prom half  hairstyle.

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