Prom-Makeup-TipsAs the time of prom gets closer, the craziness one can have cannot be imagined. There is nothing better than planning your dresses, shoe & perfume fragrance along with prom makeup well in advance.  To do the preparation & making thing easier, one can follow few prom makeup tips for the red carpet. If you go with the proper makeup tips for prom, it is guaranteed that you won’t look weird, boring or ordinary, but you will surely look stunning & gorgeous for the awaited glamour’s night.

Tip 1: For your eyes & mouth

The biggest confusion many people have is of what kind of makeup to put on the eyes & the lips. Most of the women highlight both the eye and the mouth & that doesn’t look good. If you want to draw people’s attention on your lips, then go for a bright color, use red or dark pink shade for your lips. Stay away from brown as it will give your face an elderly look. Make sure you keep your eye makeup soft and simple.

Tip 2: For your skin tone

To choose an appropriate makeup, your skin tone can be more important than eye makeup. The makeup should be kept a secret, it should not give a feel that you’re wearing any makeup. Women under the age of 25 need foundation & if you have acne or uneven skin tone then the foundation will help to hide the unevenness in the skin. Choosing the right foundation is important to bring a good glow on the face.  Try before you buy the product for your skin.

Tip 3: Mimic a celebrity if confused with what to go

A good prom makeup tip is to mimic a celebrity look. Whoever is your favorite  choose the style they follow.  You can get your makeup done by a professional makeup artist if you want to look like or mimic a famous celebrity. Other than that you can also do it by yourself since many magazines name the products used by the celebrities.

Tip 4: Things to be remembered while taking the pictures

The picture captured in the prom will be seen for years, so don’t forget a few things:

  • Apply liner and lipstick before you pose. See your looks in the mirror after applying.
  • Apply powder in the oily areas like forehead, chin and nose immediately before the picture.

Tip 5: What to keep in your purse

This is one of the very important prom makeup tips you should follow. What should be kept in the purse when go for a prom? Well one should keep blotting, lipstick or gloss, powder, breath mints and a small bottle of hairspray.

A natural makeup looks great with a classic dress. Trying out a celebrity’s look is a great prom makeup tip idea & making it done by professional makeup artist will surely gives you a perfect look you wish. Many magazines name the products used by the celebrities, so you can even use the exact makeup your favorite celeb used.

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