Organic Eye Makeup

One can safely assume that all women wear makeup. This is a regular practice for most women. Regular makeup has ingredients filled with synthetics, this is sure to harm the skin, if not immediately then after a long period of time. Organic Eye Makeup, minimizes its use of synthetics and is made of natural combination of ingredients. Usually minerals as well as the botanical extracts are used to make Organic Eye Makeup. Organic means natural. These makeup are hypoallergenic and also work great for sensitive skin types. Let’s look in some of the Organic Eye Makeup.

Organic Eye Makeup

Organic Eye Makeup sells really well all over the globe. In fact people are becoming fast and sure about the authenticity of this product and making it popular by buying it very often. Botanical extracts and plant extracts as well as some prime minerals are the basic ingredient for Organic Eye Makeup. This will lend a soft supple feeling to your eyes as well as make their beauty last longer. Eyes after all, are the most sensitive portion of a women’s body. Organic Eye Makeup does not contain synthetic of any kind, fragrances or an element called Parabens that are extremely harmful for your skin. People suffering from various skin diseases it is advisable to use Organic Eye Makeup, for the safety of the area around the eyes. This is also applicable for those who wear contact lenses.

What are the ingredients of Organic Eye Makeup?

  1. Aloe Vera: this is one of the prime ingredients of Organic Eye Makeup, it is used for any kind of burns and inflammations, and is also recommended for dry skin. Usually foundations and concealers that have Aloe Vera extracts must be used.
  2. Beeswax: this is the most popular of all Organic Eye Makeup. It is extracted from honeybees and is used as an agent for thickening, especially in Kohl pencils as Organic Eye Makeup and emulsifiers.
  3. Mica: This is basically a mineral, and is used in various Eye shadows and foundations to give a reflecting effect.
  4. Algae Extract: this as hydrating elements in it. Iodine too is in high content in Algae Extract. This is used as an agent for thickening and stabilizing cosmetics.
  5. Annatto: This is a waxy element and is extracted from shrubs and is used mainly in eye shadows and lipsticks. Its one of the most popular Organic Eye Makeup element.
  6. Other ingredients for Organic Eye Makeup are Chestnut extracts, Honeysuckle Oil and Myrtle extracts.

Best Organic Eye Makeup

For the best Organic Eye Makeup, you must look for the USDA seal; this is a seal that assures the products to be 95% or more organic in nature. Some of the products that’s you can trust to be organic are Dr. Hauschka, Living Nature, Revolution Organics, Nvey Eco, SukiColor and Julique. One of the main advantages of Organic Eye Makeup is that they last long and you don’t need to keep applying them again and again for the fear of fading.

Keep a strict watch on the ingredients when you buy a certain Organic Eye Makeup, in order to be sure of the genuine products. Usually Organic Eye Makeup are said to be highly expensive, more than the usual makeup. But at the end of it, it’s all worth it.

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