With each New Year, it’s time to ring out the old and ring in the new makeup trends. If you are a very fashionable person and love to keep up with some of the latest eye makeup trends, take a peek at some of the latest eye makeup trends and looks that we have compiled for you.

Natural Eye Makeup Look

For a more subtle and natural eye makeup look, you can try out neutral shades. You can apply the neutral eye shadow to the entire eyelid. To brighten up your eyes, highlight the brow bone with a shimmery shade. You can alter the colors of your eye makeup depending upon the season for which you want to create this natural eye makeup trend.  Coral and peach tones are shades that suit for your summer eye makeup while berry and jewel toned eye shadows are the best for a natural fall eye makeup trend.

Pastel Eye Makeup Look

If you’re ready to go bold for your eye makeup trend you can try our pastel shades. You can opt for different bright colours such as blue, green, red and pink. Depending upon the time of the day that you will be applying this eye makeup trend you can apply it light or dark. For this eye makeup trend keep your lip makeup more toned down with natural lip colour.

Look Smokier with a Smokey Eye Makeup Look

The Smokey eye makeup trend has always been in vogue. However now with more and more top celebrities adopting this Smokey eye makeup style as the signature eye makeup style this has become a latest eye makeup trend.  For an intense or faded Smokey eye makeup trend you can try out black, brown or Smokey grey eye makeup. For that matter you can even experiment with coloured Smokey eye makeup. The key to this current eye makeup trend is proper layering and smudging of the eyeliner. So learn the techniques to applying this Smokey eye makeup look. You can also spice up your Smokey eye makeup look with the cat eye combination.

Shimmery Eye Makeup Look

One of the latest eye makeup trends this season is the shimmery eye makeup look in metallic shades of gold and silver. The shimmery eye makeup look is the perfect eye makeup trend for a fall. When creating this fall eye makeup trend, you can use colors that symbolize the season. Use berry toned colors or jewel toned shades for your eye makeup. When doing you shimmery eye makeup, remember to keep the application less and not make it look too gaudy.

Funky Eye Stickers for your Eye Makeup

Eye stickers are the latest addition to your eye makeup ideas list. If you check out some of the current eye makeup trends you will see so many sporting eye makeup stickers. These eye makeup stickers make applying eye makeup so very easy. Besides they give you good value for the money paid. You can try out some cool animal prints for your eye makeup with these eye makeup stickers. You can also try the single toned eye shades for your eye makeup. Applying these eye makeup stickers will hardly take a few minutes and will give you a flawless finish.

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