It’s a need in every girl to look as beautiful as she can, and the bigger need is to look natural. Even if she may have take 3-4 hours bringing in the if-looks-could-kill, she still wants to look like she has worn no makeup.

Natural Makeup tips are a method that will give you the most natural look within minutes. We understand that it can be a pain sometimes to look heavily made up 24 / 7. Natural makeup will make your skin breathe. It can be achieved by merely using the things that you have. You don’t need to dig a hole in your pocket.


You need to take care of your skin a tad bit more than you usually do since natural looks are not simply about putting on the best makeup. You need to cleanse your skin regularly and as often as possible so that your skin is away from scars and pock marks and most importantly acne. Using mineral makeup is a good option and try to use as must natural makeup products as possible.

Tips For the face: While you do your routine Makeup for your face you need to keep in mind that you need to cleanse it thoroughly. This is applicable for any kind of skin, keeping your skin clean is not an option, it’s a must. You can use some Compact rose powder if you like, we are not going to apply any foundation for makeup on the face because it will be an unnecessary add on. You need to use a thick rounded brush and apply rose powder all across your face and while you are at it remember that you are not apply any moisturizer since it will make your face appear really patchy. Once the rose powder is spread evenly across your face you need to try on some peach blush. They look perfect for any kind of skin tone. Using pinkish or reddish shades of makeup will do well for your skin. For those who have dark circles and pock marks and acne you can use some concealer but you will have to do the blending act well.

Tips for the Eyes: The good part is that you needed apply any eye liner for your eyes that’s about the only difference there is for makeup for the eyes. It’s quite easy to get that perfect makeup for the eyes. You need some good nice dark mascara, and you need to apply 3-4 coats of mascara on; to make your eyelash look thicker. If you want to wear eye liner and still have the natural makeup for the eyes you can use some charcoal eye liner. That would look really nice; make a thin line right next to your upper eyelash. Leave the lower part of your eyes nude.

Makeup must be kept to the minimal when it comes to natural makeup.

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