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Natural Eye Makeup

You don’t always have to go bright and dark for your eye makeup. No doubt it’s great to have some colour for your eye makeup but how about trying out something different from the makeup that you do everyday, maybe a natural eye makeup with neutral shades. I think that it would be a perfect alternative for a fresh and youthful look. So let’s take a look at how we can spice up your natural eye makeup.

Natural Eye Makeup Tips

  • The most important natural eye makeup tip to keep in mind is to keep the use of colour for your eye makeup minimum. You can use creams, light pink, champagne and beige.
  • Since you will not be using a lot of colour for your natural eye makeup you have to make a proper selection of neutral eye shadow colours.
  • Along with the colour selection you need to pay attention to proper highlighting to accentuate your eye makeup. You can add some shimmery eye shadow at the inner corners to highlight them.
  • Your natural eye makeup will look dull if your other face makeup is not done up well with the proper foundation, lipstick and blush. To give your natural eye makeup a more natural look, use a non oily light foundation that will give you optimum coverage. Try to avoid the caked look.
  • If you make use of a concealer for your natural eye makeup, then blend it well with the foundation.
  • To complement your natural eye makeup you can apply some light pink blush to the cheeks.
  • Don’t try out a dramatic red lip with your natural eye makeup. As much as possible deep and bright colours should be avoided. For the lips you can use a neutral lipstick or sheer tinted lip gloss.
  • While applying natural eye makeup you have to remember to keep all your makeup application for a natural look minimum. So while lining the eyes for your natural eye makeup there should be no thick lines. Try as much as possible to keep the line close to the lash line.

How to apply Natural Eye Makeup

  • You start your natural eye makeup by lining the eyes with the eyeliner. Usually you apply the eye shadow before applying the eyeliner but since you are using neutral eye shadows first line the eyes.
  • When lining the eyes you can use two colour eye liners. Starting from the inner corners, line the eyelid up to one third with a light colour while for the rest of the eyelid you can line with a dark colour such as dark brown or black. Do this for both the upper and the lower eyelid.
  • Then follow up with applying the eye shadow for your natural eye makeup. Now take a light, medium and dark tone in the same colour family. Choose natural looking neutral shades. Among the neutral shades the warmer tones are better option in comparison to the cool tones.

-        Apply the lightest colour eye shadow from the lash line to the brow bone. Blend it moving upwards.

-        Then apply the darkest colour eye shadow to the crease and blend it well with the colour you applied in the beginning. The darker eye shadow that you apply should not be too much and just enough to define the crease.

-        Last, apply the medium toned eye shadow from the lash line to the crease region. You can concentrate the eye shadow on the outer corner of the eye. Blend it well with you base colour moving from the inner corner of the eye outside.

  • Finish with you natural eye makeup look by applying mascara in black to the top and the bottom eye lashes.
  • To polish your natural eye makeup look, make sure that your eye brows are all well tweezed and groomed.

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