Mineral Eye Makeup

I am sure that you must have definitely heard a lot about mineral eye makeup. But have you ever thought of trying it out for your eye makeup? I agree that these mineral eye shadow pigments may give you a hard time with some of the pigment falling off spoiling the rest of your makeup but that shouldn’t really stop you from trying them out for your eye makeup. Mineral eye makeup also serves as a great option for eye makeup if you’re one person who cares a lot for the health of your skin. So don’t pull your hands back when it comes to applying mineral eye makeup. Come let’s tell you how to apply mineral eye makeup flawlessly.

What makes Mineral Eye Makeup a better option?

  • Mineral makeup is being widely used by women today for their eye makeup. The major reason for this is the natural ingredients that it contains.
  • The other chemical based makeup products take a toll on the skin. Compared to the mineral eye makeup chemical based cosmetics are harsh which in the long run makes your skin look very dull and tired.
  • The mineral eye makeup is much easier to remove.
  • The mineral makeup also contains the SPF factor that can give needed protection from the sun.
  • The mineral makeup is safe to use for eye makeup as they do not contain any alcohol or fillers. They are hypoallergenic.
  • In spite of all these factors the mineral eye makeup will still give you the flawless finish for your eye makeup. The mineral makeup is available in matte and sparkle shades as well.
  • Unlike the cream and oil based makeup cosmetics the mineral eye makeup is very light on the skin.

How to apply Mineral Eye Makeup

Applying mineral eye makeup is no different from the other types of makeup.

  • Prime your eyes with a good eye primer so that the mineral eye shadow can have something to adhere to. Furthermore the eye primer will also ensure that your mineral eye shadow color lasts all day without creasing or melting.
  • The mineral eye shadow that you use for your eye makeup is made up of loose mineral pigments. So again here you have to be careful while applying the eye shadow for your eye makeup.
  • Taking a small brush dip in the eye shadow powder. Before you apply the eye shadow gently tap the brush so that you can remove any excess mineral eye shadow pigment from the brush.
  • Now apply the eye shadow for your eye makeup lightly. Apply the mineral eye shadow by gently patting the colour onto the eyelid. Don’t sweep or swipe the mineral eye shadow from corner to corner as most of the eye shadow may fall on the cheeks.
  • Blend the colour with a slightly bigger domed shaped fluffy brush. If you think that the colour needs to be darker, then you can repeat the application.
  • There is one more way of using these eye shadows for your mineral eye makeup. Take some of the eye shadow and wet it with a drop of water. Then apply it to your eyelid. This will make your mineral eye makeup colour look more intense. Besides it will also prevent the eye shadow flakes from going all over the face.
  • You can even use the mineral eye shadow to line the eyes for your eye makeup.dip a damp angled brush in the mineral eye shadow and then carefully line your eyes. When you wet the eye shadow the consistency should be like a liquid eye liner. Add less water if you want to make the colour darker while add more water for a lighter colour.
  • You even have mineral eyeliners and mascaras that you can use for your for your mineral eye makeup.
  • You needn’t really worry much if some of the eye shadow falls on the cheek and under eye area.  After you have finished applying your eye makeup you can dust all the fallout with a soft fluffy brush.

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