Makeup for Olive Skin

This article will provide you insight for the best makeup tips for Olive Skin. We do hope that it will help you in enhancing the beauty of your olive skin. Women today spend millions of dollars to just get the tanned look, we think you are completely blessed to have skin that is awesome and gives the tanned look naturally. You already have the perfect skin tone; all you need is the right makeup tips for olive skin to add on to your glamour quotient. You need to keep your skin clean and constantly moisturized for you to get that perfect glow that will make you the Goddess or Diva.

Makeup tips for olive skin

The first step which is not just a Makeup tips for olive skin but for any type of skin, the step is to cleanse, cleansing makes your skin glow and opens up the pores of your face, that makes your skin breathe. It also rids your skin off oils and impurities that are so not required. The next step is to apply makeup for your olive skin.

Primer, Concealer and Foundation application for Make up for olive skin

You with your olive skin are blessed with flawless skin naturally, since; people with your olive skin do not have to face sensitivity of skin, rashes and acne popping out now and then. You can directly start your makeup for olive skin by application of primer. Do dust some powder over it so that it stays. You can apply concealer only if it is absolutely necessary and foundation of course. Choose the foundation with the exact skin color, not a tad darker or tad lighter than your complexion. Artists believe that foundations that have yellow undertones look amazing on olive skin.

Highlighting powder or Blush for makeup for olive skin

You can now apply blush to your cheeks, use colors like bronze, peaches, apricots or tans for these since they will look delicious with your skin. I am sure you can imagine the colors playing on your skin while you read this. You can use this directly on your foundations. Use it to add color to your face, you can even use it on your forehead. And chin, cheeks and nose.

Eyeliner, Mascara and Eye shadow for makeup for olive skin

I personally feel eye makeup do wonders on a women, but on olive women it makes them look like Divas and Goddesses. You could actually sport a Bronze Smokey eye makeup on yourself. Basically there is a lot of experimentation that you can do. Just use a bronzish eye shadow and use some powdered eyeliner and smudge it, to get the golden effect. Chocolate eye shadows look so awesome on olive skin. Apply a generous amount of mascara to make your eye lashes look thick and dark. If you want to go a bit berserk with your eye makeup, you could actually use colors like deep purple and metallic gold, or else a touch of browns of glitters on the brow bone. They look perfect for Smokey makeup if you like.

Lipsticks for makeup for olive skin

We recommend you to use shades of darker colors, they enhance your kin complexion and make it look lighter, and this is especially for women who have a darker shade of olive skin. Bronzish and terracotta colors look great too. Make up tips for olive skin include you to apply lip liner before applying make up since it works on getting you the pout, which looks luscious.

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