Makeup  for Oily Skin

Generally women who have oily Skin tend to shun away from makeup but this is one domain where women must not. We have several safe ways for Makeup Tips for Oily Skin that will not only make you wear makeup the way you like it but also make your skin glow with a natural glow. Women may have oily skin due to various reasons sometimes women have oily skin due to genetic issues, sometimes because their sebaceous glands secrete more oil than others. Whatever the reason may be we have the best solution for your oily skin. Right here, right now! Lest look at some simple makeup tips for oily skin here.

Makeup tips for oily skin

When women with oily skin wear makeup their skin looks blotchy and it appears to be really ugly. Sometimes changes in the hormones may result in oily skin and sometimes pregnancy might lead to having oily skins. For Makeup Tips for Oily Skin you need to minimalist the amount of make that goes on your face. Washing your face must become a routine and you neede’nt wash your face every time with soap of face wash even gently splashing plain water on your face is also enough. When you splash your face with water you tend to remove your dirt and oil from your face naturally. You need to wash your face with face wash only twice or thrice in a day.

Makeup Tips for Oily Skin for the face: Do not be harsh with your skin. Before you apply Makeup on oily skin you need to wash your face with some face wash and then pat dry it. You then need to take a fat rounded brush and apply foundation on your face. Now when you apply the foundation, the foundation need’nt be the liquid one, you get loads of powdered foundation in the market you can use that liberally on your skin. You can also use rose water and astringent to wash your face with. You need to choose your foundation with a lot of care. You also fine matte foundations in the market, incase you have to use a concealer to cover your marks and dark circles you can blend it using a brush or even your finger and apply the matte foundation. Avoid using liquid foundation or concealer, it can prove to be disastrous especially if you are going to be out for a long time. Choose a foundation that is not similar to your skin tone, choose a foundation slightly lighter than your skin tone.

Makeup Tips for Oily Skin for the face; blush and powder for the face:

Since you have already used the concealer you need to apply face powder over it. This is an added duty for Makeup Tips for Oily Skin since you need to be able to blend in everything together. If you feel that your skin is forming cakes you need to immediately apply more powder to cover the mistakes up. This is the reason we are using more of powder as base makeup rather than any liquids. The base make up is the most important part about Makeup for oily skin, since rest of the make up for the eyes and lips are pretty much the same as other makeup.

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