Long wedding hairstyles

When it comes to wedding hairstyle you would want something that is elegant, simple and easy to manage. At the same time it should make you feel confident and beautiful. Curly long wedding hairstyles are a perfect option for this kind of a formal occasion and when teamed with crystal clips and tiaras it makes the hair look simply marvellous. Learn more about types of long wedding hairstyles here and popular long wedding hairstyles.

Popular Long wedding hairstyles

Down Do Long Wedding Hairstyles

If your wedding is a casual affair and you want to keep it simple and natural you could consider a down do long wedding hairstyle. You can polish and set your hair well. This can give your long hair a very sophisticated look.

Side Pinned Curly Long Wedding Hairstyles

Instead of simply leaving your hair down you could pin one part of the hair to the side using a clip into a side pinned curly wedding hairstyle, an off spin of the long wedding hairstyle. For this you can curl the strands of your hair to middle length. Part your hair to the side. Then taking one section of hair you pin it up to the side using a clip. The bigger the clip is the better it will look. But choose something that will go with the theme and the dress. Let the other section of hair lie loosely on the forehead.

Curly Locks Long Wedding Hairstyles

Another wedding hairstyle that could make a great long wedding hairstyle is leaving the hair loose with curls at the end. You start by washing the hair with a voluminising shampoo. Blow dry the hair using a round brush. Curl small sections of hair using a 1 inch curling iron but leave the root that is the top hair flat and style only the lower half. Last use a hairspray that will hold the curls well.

Loose Curls Long Wedding Hairstyles

Loose curls are an ideal way to get your wedding hairstyle done. Besides they complement long veils very well.

• See that your hair is dry.

• You can part your hair either in the centre or to the side.

• Taking small sections of the hair curl it using a large barreled curling iron or rollers.

• Gently and carefully run your fingers through the curls.

• Use a hair setting spray that will hold the curls well.

• Fix the veil at the crown of the head or near the top of the crown whichever suits you well.

You can go in for a different look with the same wedding hairstyle by pulling the side sections of the hair back and secure it with a clip or pin. You can leave a fringe in the front to loosely caress the forehead. You can use a beautiful hair band as a replacement for a tiara. You can curl the entire lengths of hair using varying curling irons. Highlighting strands of hair in suited shades is another good option especially when you go in for curls.

Artistic Bun Wedding Hairstyle

For long wedding hairstyles, you could consider the bun with braids wrapped around it.

• If you hair is naturally wavy smoothen it out first to give it a better look.

• Part the hair in a centre part.

• From the front divide the hair into sections of about 2 inches and braid them in a French braid.

• The rest of the hair is tied in a neat bun at the back of the head.

• Coil the braids around the bun and secure them tightly with pins.

You could modify the hairstyle by tying the bun at the nape and adding more braids that could be made from the bottom layers of hair. Then intertwine the braids at the back carefully and artistically.

Traditional Chignon Long Wedding Hairstyle

A chignon is a wedding hairstyle that looks great as a long wedding hairstyle with a veil. This chignon that is usually set at the nape can be done with all the hair pulled back either with a side part or with absolutely no part. This chignon is a great advantage especially if you plan to wear a long veil as it will not create much confusion with regard to its comb placement. You can attach the veil at the top of the chignon or for that matter even below if you want to show off the hair style.

Subtle Updo Wedding Hairstyle

• Curl the hair using a medium sized curling iron to create small curls and add some volume.

• Sweep the front section of hair gently across the forehead.

• Tease the hair at the crown of the head.

• Twist the hair, sweep up and secure it well with pins.

• Leave small strands of hair to hang loose so as to highlight the frame of the face.

• You can use a delicate hair band to accessorize the hairstyle.

You can choose which wedding hairstyle for long hair suits you best of all these popular long wedding hairstyles

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