long-hairstyles-for-promProm is an important day in the life of a teenager or for that matter any other person as well. Right from the worries of choosing a dress to getting a pair of matching shoes and various other accessories everything bothers the person. However, another very important aspect that has to be looked at is to get a proper yet very classy hairstyle that suits you.


There are a number of hairstyles that you can choose from. But as usual while choosing a hairstyle you should not try to choose one that looks good on someone else. Go in for a hairstyle after considering the shape of your face as well as the body, the condition of your hair and last the type of dress that you are going to put on.

You can try getting a neat and clean updo done. You could consider curling your hair. If your hair is naturally curly to make the curls appear good and set them well you could use ringlets otherwise you could also consider using a curling iron. At the same time a fringe accompanied with the updo may make the hairstyle look great, as it lightens up the face. However, if does not suit the face cut, avoid going in for the fringe.

Popular Long Hairstyles

Boho WaveBoho Wave: Another hairstyle that many could choose for a prom night is the Boho wave’s hairstyle. It is a simple yet chic cut hairstyle for a prom night. It appears to have a slight parting at the centre. The hair is smooth and shiny at the top while it breaks into layers at the lower ends.

Simple Long HairstyleSimple Long Hairstyle: A simple chic cut could also be tried by a few. The hairstyle is very simple where it seems pleated and all placed to one side. It is separated using a hair band or any other hair accessory that can give it the needed look. A chic hairstyle with curls at the end is one more style that can be donned for an occasion such as a prom night. The curls go a long way enhancing the look giving it an extra bounce and volume. In order to create it well use proper rollers and long barreled tongs.

Straight HairstyleStraight Hairstyle: For others who would not like to go in for curls or any kind of updo since it requires a lot of care and needs to be handled and managed well, they can go in for straightening their hair as well using a straightening iron giving it a sleek look.

Long Layered HairstylesLayered hairstyle: Try cutting your hair in layers or what you call razor cuts if the texture of your hair is good. This kind of a hair cut does not usually look good if your hair is naturally frizzy or wavy. One could also try the Classic French Twist. However avoid doing it if your hair is too thick and too long because it won’t hold well.

So choose the best hairstyle for you and look the best for your prom night!

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