Light Makeup

Light Makeup tips are for those who aren’t big users of makeup and like to use makeup just to look natural and yet attractive. Well, this is the right place for you. Since this is the place where you will be able to read more about the kind of Light Makeup tips that will make you look great without exaggeration. You need to know a few facts about Light Makeup tips before you actually get down to doing Light Makeup. You need to use some lighter pastel shades when you do Light Makeup.

Light Makeup tips

Light Makeup tips for the face: Light Makeup for the face will need to use foundation that is as good as your skin. If you don’t want the foundation to be very heavy you can apply it in a lesser quantity by mixing it with a regular moisturizer of yours. This is as good as wearing a moisturizer since the foundation will cover most of the skin without really looking really bright. You can use one part foundation and three parts cream while applying Light Makeup for the face. Whether or not to apply blush is really up to you. Since if you are going to apply blush and blend it well with the foundation it will add the right amount of redness to your cheeks without looking very gaudy.

Light Makeup tips for the lips: Light Makeup tips are basically for people who don’t have much time to apply makeup or maybe they don’t have the inclination. Or even for those who want to let their skin breathe and want to apply Light Makeup so that they can go about doing their own thing without much interference from the makeup on their faces. We suggest you wear matte makeup that’s the most Lightest Makeup tips that you can ever find. For Light Makeup tips for your lips you can directly use some natural color lip gloss that adds the tint of color to your lips but not much to make it look as natural as possible. Matte is the way to go girl.

Light Makeup tips for your eyes: since you have gone so simple for your face. You could try using some color on your eyes. We suggest simple Kohl would do you great with a dab of mascara. But then you can also use liquid eyeliner and draw an extremely thin line very close to your eyes. Light Makeup tips for the eyes you can use at least a dab of mascara. You can apply one coat if not two or three coats. Application of eye shadow is completely up to you. Since if you happen to choose an eye shadow that is close to your skin color the makeup is bound to look very light. However, if you prefer to wear light make up for the eyes since you do not have much time to wear heavy makeup you can stop at the eye shadow.

The make purpose of Light Makeup tips is to wear whatever you do in a lighter shade. Blending is the key here since without blending, the makeup will stand out and it will certainly look patchy. If you want to wear the perfect Light Makeup you wear it and experiment with colors at the same time.

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