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Lady Gaga Makeup

Speaking of Lady Gaga I can sense so many of you squeal!! As though to say who’s going to copy Lady Gaga makeup style? Looking at her weird hairdos and strange outfits and each and every new style that she sports that is good enough to make you jump from your seat, you’d probably think of what’s gone wrong with her, whether she’s absolutely crazy or simply fabulous but in a strange freaky way. Learn about Lady Gaga makeup tips here.

Lady Gaga Makeup Tips

Leaving this aside for just some time let me tell you that there are many who are obsessed with Lady Gaga makeup style. Be it her spiky halo or her signature hair bow, people copy her celeb makeup style waiting eagerly for some new look that would come up from Lady Gaga. So for all those who follow her religiously here are some Lady Gaga makeup tips and looks. Go gaga over Lady Gaga’s dramatic and elaborate celeb makeup looks.

How to apply Lady Gaga Makeup Style

Face Makeup for Lady Gaga makeup Look:

• To give your skin a smooth finish start of by priming the eye lids with a good primer.

• Then apply the foundation, preferably a liquid foundation and blend it well. Set it properly with some loose powder.

• Using a concealer hide any dark circles or blemishes.

Eye Makeup for Lady Gaga makeup Look:

• Lady Gaga eye makeup is known to be dramatic with a slight shabby appearance. So start by applying the cream white eye shadow all over the eyelid. Apply it in such a manner that it is more in some areas and less in some areas. Also apply it slightly to the lower rim. Don’t bother to blend it carefully keep it slightly shabby. Use your finger tips to do this.

• Then choose a black cream eye shadow with some shimmer. Apply this black cream eye shadow using a lip brush. However stay slightly away from upper and the lower lash line. Keep them in white.

• For the upper lid starting form the inner corner extend it to the crease and then shape it in the cat eye look.

• Blend the outer edge of the black with the white well making the black colour less intense.

• If you wish to create a more intense look for your Lady Gaga inspired celeb makeup then you can gently pat some black eye shadow powder over the cream eye shadow.

• For your Lady Gaga celeb eye makeup you can leave it as a cat eye or also create a wedge shape at the outer corner of the eye using a Q tip.

• To give a more dramatic look sprinkle some loose glitter over the eye.

Lip Makeup for Lady Gaga Makeup

• You can use a coral tone lipstick and then top it over with some sheer gloss. Don’t forget to define the lips well by simply lining them with a lip liner. For the lipstick you can also use pink. Orange, nude or red after all these are the colours she uses.

Tips for Lady Gaga Makeup Look

• A tip to copy Lady Gaga makeup is to use a bold lip and eye makeup.

• You can highlight the skin with some white cream eye shadow. Apply it randomly at different spots.

• Lady Gaga is known to sport the blue lightning bolt under the right eye. Don’t shudder from the thought. You can recreate this lightning bolt using any colour of your choice. Simply trace the lightning bolt from the corner of the eye, shade it with the colour that you want and then outline it with a black liquid eye liner.

• Through most of her makeup looks Lady Gaga showcases her bronze skin. You can use a self tanner to fake the skin.

• Lady Gaga has absolutely flawless skin. So as a Lady Gaga makeup tip make use of a foundation that will give you medium to high coverage.

• If you plan to use blush apply it only to the apple of the cheeks. Don’t make it too dark.

• As a tip for Lady Gaga makeup look apply the eye liner thick. You can also add some false eye lashes to make them nice and long.

Follow these simple Lady Gaga makeup tips to apply makeup like lady Gaga here.

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