Kim Kardashian Skin CareWe all idolize Kim Kardashian for her perfect and flawless celeb makeup style. Makeup can always make you look beautiful but what really counts is natural beauty. Along with her makeup, Kim Kardashian also boats of naturally good looking skin that gives her a youthful and fresh appearance. So how about following her skincare regimen?

SkinCare Tips


  • Why only Kim Kardashian’s skincare routine, cleansing should be a ritual of every skincare regimen. Most of us must be incorporating this; however there are times when we tend to go wrong. The first mistake that we make is choosing the wrong cleanser. If this is so then even if you try out other skincare tips you will not be able to secure the best skincare results for yourself.
  • Secondly another important thing that needs to be looked at for your  skincare is how you cleanse the skin. Whenever you wash your face with a cleanser you make sure that your hands move in the upward and outward direction. It helps get rid of all the dirt trapped in the pores thoroughly.
  • Kim Kardashian no doubt wears heavy makeup but as a part of her skin care regimen she also ensures that she removes every bit of makeup with a quality makeup remover. You will agree that cosmetics used by these celebrities come with a heavy price tag but there are other products that are quite affordable and are good in quality. So you can invest in a good makeup remover for your skin care. Follow the make remover with a cleanser to remove any residue left behind.


  • Moisturizing is an absolute must for skin care. The skin tends to get very dry after cleansing so you need to moisturize the skin with a suitable moisturizer. It will help retain moisture in the skin. This skin care tip will add a vibrant glow to dull looking skin.
  • Again for your skincare you need to choose your moisturizer according to your skin type. If you have oily skin the best would be to use a water based moisturizer while dry skin the best that works is oil based moisturizer.
  • For your Kim Kardashian inspired skincare regimen, try to look out for moisturizers that have vitamin E.
  • Try out moisturizers with natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, green tea and Shea butter.


For your skin care you just can’t miss out on the sunscreen. The sunscreen as a part of your skin care will protect your skin from sun damage. Thus it will delay the process of aging as sun damage is one of the factors causing aging skin. Find out a sunscreen that is best for your skin. SPF 15 would be perfect if you don’t want one of a higher power. However while picking the sunscreen for your skin care you need to see whether it can give you the desired protection from the sun. You can even try using a moisturizer with that has an inbuilt sunscreen for skin care.


For proper skin care exfoliate the skin at least twice in a week. Exfoliation will help you get rid of dead cells from the skin. You can use body and facial scrubs to exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation should be done gently otherwise you will land up causing more damage to the skin. You can even try dry brush exfoliation for the skin.

And last just some general tips for skin care

  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Drink plenty water
  • Get a body or facial massage done to rejuvenate your skin.

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