So you want to steal Kim Kardashian Eye Makeup, it’s our best known secret and we are about to reveal it in this section. Seeing her walk down so many podiums does make it incredibly clean that her eye makeup is one of the best. In fact many celebrities have begun to see it as an asset and have begun copying her methods too. Her eye makeup is about mixing colors and styles and tones to produce the most amazing results. Makeup itself has many variations. Her famous ones are of course natural eye makeup and the smokey eye makeup, we cannot decide which one she looks better in.

How to Apply

For Kim Kardashian, her Eye makeup is her favourite time of the makeup and this is how it is done:

1. Kim Kardashian uses Pint pot of a lighter shade to match the exact color of her skin, it is called Painterly. You have to use some finder to cover the entire lid and this basically acts like the primer in makeup.

2. Next use a creamy shadow, since Kim Kardashian has bronze skin you can try using a Bronzer, but this creamy eye shadow will actually prevent your eyes from creasing. If you have noticed that when we wear makeup all day long, our skin tends to become oily and the creamy eye shadow works best for day long outings.

3. You can also use some other colored shadows, especially if you are doing a Smokey eye. In case you are doing a black Smokey eye, you can directly use some light eye shadow which will also act as a primer, just remember the ideas is to not allow your upper lid to crease. It all depends on the kind of make you want to do. Kim Kardashian Eye Makeup is all about playing with colors remember?

4. We are going to try on a carbon black Smokey eye, so use a Carbon M.A.C. it’s a Pigment and it’s called Tan.

5. For a Grey Smokey Eye you can use a Knight Divine or Print.

6. For the wonderful Brown Smokey Eye use an Embark by M.A.C.

7. For the beautiful shimmers again Tan works amazingly well. In fact eye makeup involves many of these fresh bright colors which give the face especially eyes a beautiful lift. Like a parrot green smokey eye, ever tried it?

8. For the perfect Eye Makeup use some powdery eyeliner, she uses the Stilla Black eyeliner Pencil, remember to smudge if you are going to do the Smokey Eye. If you have noticed her Eye Makeup involves a lot of mascara hence, use the Lancome Hypnose or else the M.A.C. Zoom along with the Lancome Hypnose for the right makeup.

9. For Kim Kardashian  it’s all about experimenting, so you can try some of the beaded mascaras or the shimmery mascaras if you like. She likes to use some layered forms of mascara so you can add two to three coats of the aforesaid mascaras for the perfect Eye Makeup.


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