Katherine Heigl Smokey Eye Makeup

Do you remember Dr. Izzie Stevens on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy? Or to be more precise Katherine Heigl, the actress who starred in 27 dresses and Knocked Up!!

Katherine Heigl known for her dramatic and comic roles in her movies has a very strong feminist streak.  Though Katherine Heigl’s hair colour choices are very difficult and tacky to keep up with, her makeup styles and looks are comparatively very easy to recreate. The Smokey eye makeup look is one that Katherine Heigl has started wearing recently and she carries this look very gracefully.

So without wasting more of your time we’ll guide you through a step by step procedure to applying Katherine Heigl’s Smokey eye makeup look. We will also help you out by providing some tips to copy Katherine Heigl Smokey eye makeup look perfectly. Let’s get started!!

Base makeup for Katherine Heigl’s Smokey eye makeup look

Once you have finished cleansing your skin you hydrate it using a moisturizer that is well suited to your skin. A powder foundation would be the best choice since it will not make the face look shiny and glossy. Apply a concealer to conceal dark circles if there are any. Apply the concealer to inner corners of the eye and above the lid as well. Dust the entire base makeup with loose translucent powder to set it entirely.

Katherine Heigl’s Smokey Eye Makeup

The best tip that we can offer to mimic Katherine Heigl Smokey eye makeup look flawlessly is proper colour selection.

  • To start off with the eye makeup for your Katherine Heigl inspired Smokey eye makeup look, sweep the eye primer across the entire eyelid. The eye primer enables the eye shadow to adhere well to the eyelid.

Colours that you can choose to create a Smokey eye makeup look like Katherine Heigl are copper and bronze. Other brighter hues that you can use for your Katherine Heigl inspired Smokey eye makeup look include blue, pastels and purple. You will mostly see Katherine Heigl sporting a bronze Smokey eye look. You can create a Katherine Heigl Smokey eye makeup look with whichever colour suits your skin tone and your natural eye colour.

  • Taking a light shade sweep it across the entire eyelid as the base eye shadow. Pearl or taupe are the best options that we suggest.
  • Apply the darker shade of eye shadow to the upper lash line and then using a brush blend it upwards and outwards to lighten it. You can move beyond the outer corner of the eye but only about 1/4th inch.
  • Distinctly mark the outer “V” of the eye and correct any mistakes using a Q tip.
  • Line the eyes with eyeliner. You can use black if it goes well with the eye shadow colour. You can even play with coloured eye pencils to line the eyes. Don’t forget to smudge and blend the eye liner well thereby softening the line.
  • Curl the lashes and apply a coat or two of mascara.

Katherine Heigl Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

  • Use a smudge brush and some eye shadow to soften the eyeliner. If you have a steady hand then you can even try lining the eyes with the eye shadow itself and then blending well.
  • When using brighter hues for your Katherine Heigl Smokey eye makeup, always make sure that you apply less eye shadow in the beginning. If you feel that it is too less you can always add some more. Apply it to the upper lash line first and then blend it upwards towards the crease.
  • Do not apply the darker eye shadow to the inner corner and above the crease while getting your Katherine Heigl inspired Smokey eye makeup. You will only end up looking like a raccoon.

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