Jessica Alba Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

The Smokey eye makeup look is a trend that is vogue for quite some time now and all the celebrities seem to be making this Smokey eye makeup look their signature style. We all envy Jessica Alba looks and makeup styles. Her bronze skin, full lips and neatly done Smokey eye makeup makes her look gorgeous.

The Smokey eye makeup look can be very flattering and just the perfect option for your evening out. And if you plan to emulate a Jessica Alba Smokey eye makeup look then even better. We’ll show you how to go about to get a Jessica Alba Smokey eye makeup look done.

Tips for your Jessica Alba Smokey Eye Makeup Look

• When you plan to do a Smokey eye makeup it is not necessary that you have to do a black or brown Smokey eye. For your Jessica Alba Smokey eye makeup look you can also try playing with colours such as green, gold and purple.

• There are different colour combinations that you can use for your Jessica Alba Smokey eye makeup look. Try out a combination of champagne base with blue or a peach base with green.

• If you plan to create a dark Jessica Alba Smokey eye makeup then a tip is to apply the rest of the makeup once you’ve done applying the Smokey eye makeup. This enables you to wipe out any makeup that has fallen on the cheeks without creating a mess.

• To make your eyeliner last longer for your Jessica Alba Smokey eye makeup follow this tip. Dust the eyeliner with some loose powder and then cover it up with the same colour eye shadow used to create the Smokey eye look.

• For a sun kissed look for you’re your entire Jessica Alba makeup use a bronzer on the cheekbones, chin and cheeks.

How to apply a Smokey Eye Makeup Look like Jessica Alba

• Preparation and Priming for your Jessica Alba Smokey Eye Makeup:

You begin your Jessica Alba Smokey eye makeup look by priming the eyes with an eye primer base. Spread it out evenly to create smooth base for layering the eye shadows. This eye primer also tries to contain the formation of oil on the eyelids thereby allowing the eye shadow to cling to the eyelid.

• Foundation and Concealer:

Choosing a foundation that matches your skin tone well, apply it gently with a brush or a sponge applicator. Apply a concealer to conceal any dark circles in the under eye region. For a good finish use a liquid concealer and blend it out well.

• Lining:

Taking black eyeliner, line the eyes both the top and the lower lash line. Keep the line thicker at the centre. Then using your finger tip or if you want a Q tip smudge the line and soften it. You can use a gel or liquid eyeliner for the upper lash line but preferably use a pencil for the lower lash line. It becomes easier to smudge.

• Eye shadow for your Jessica Alba Smokey Eye Makeup Look:

Jessica Alba generally sticks to shades such as grey for her Smokey eye makeup look. For warmer tones like Jessica Alba a black Smokey eye make sometimes look too harsh. You can look to create khaki grey Jessica Alba Smokey eye look or even a green Smokey eye look. Apply the lighter shade to the entire eyelid as the base layer and then apply a darker shade concentrating more on the crease and the outer corner of the eye. Blend the eye shadows well so that it gives a perfect layering effect. Apply a shimmery shade to highlight the brow bone.

• Mascara:

Curl the lashes with an eye lash curler before you apply the mascara. Curl the lashes with a heated curler and not a cold one for best results. Finish off your entire Jessica Alba Smokey eye makeup look with mascara.

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