Indian Wedding makeup Tips

Indian weddings are elaborate and are considered to be royal and grand events. With the various rituals running into hours it becomes necessary to see that the Indian wedding makeup applied is long-lasting and can endure all the running about and the entire photo session. learn more about Indian wedding makeup tips and how to apply Indian wedding makeup here.

Indian wedding Makeup

Indian bridal makeup tips and looks

• It is noticed that Indian brides are always decked up heavy jewelry and out fits with a lot of intricate work on it. So do not overdo the makeup in fact it would be much better to keep it lighter and in neutral shades.

• Indian wedding take place at an appointed time. Taking into consideration the time of the wedding it is the best to choose the appropriate make up keep it lighter with neutral shades for a day wedding if you definitely do not work like an overworked goddess. However you can always think of spicing it up for an evening wedding.

• Concealers are truly a rescue to many especially those suffering form acne. Pimples and blemishes. To hide these imperfections in the face it is advisable to choose a colour that is two shades darker than the skin tone.

• Similar is the case with the foundation. See that you pick a yellow toned foundation as the pink and white ones make the face look pale in photos as well as once the entire makeup is applied.

• The foundation that you use on your wedding day definitely should last you the entire day. Instead of using a basic liquid foundation, the airbrush foundation can be used as a perfect alternative as it not only spreads out evenly but also does not start coming off and give a cakey appearance.

• Make sure to balance the eye makeup and that of the lips. Don’t go overboard with both.

• You can use shades of eye shadows but make sure to blend them well.

• However if you’re wearing too heavy make up stay, away from colours such as green and blue.

• In comparison with our western neighbors along with bright coloured outfits we make use of makeup that is much likely on the brighter side. The colour palette includes gold, bronze, copper, and shades of brown, red, green and pinks.

• Throughout the subsequent ceremonies you may be required to change into various clothes so make sure to use those products which are smudge proof and waterproof.

• All the older ladies at the wedding definitely want to take a look at the bride to see whether she is indeed very beautiful. So try as much to see that the makeup is intact the entire day.

• For the eye makeup always start by applying the eye primer. This not only serves as a smooth base but also helps the eye shadow from getting greasy and prevents it form melting away.

• Before you tart with the make up on the D-day you could rub an ice cube on the face thus naturally exfoliating the skin and keeping it fresh.

• Avoid very dark and thick eyeliner. It makes the eyes look even smaller.

• If you want to highlight the eyes you can always use mascara. It helps open up the eyes making it look much brighter. If needed you could always apply a double coat of mascara.

• If you want to use fake eyelashes see that you can handle them well.

• Apply a lip balm before the lipstick in order to prevent the lips from getting dry.try going in for a long lasting lipstick so that it won’t get wiped in the process of greeting.

• Also a lip liner in a shade close to the lipstick colour can help make the lips appear nice and full.

• Instead of using a blush you can use a bronzer. This suits the best especially for dark skinned people.

• Last get all the makeup done only from an artist who can handle wedding makeup.

• One more Indian wedding makeup tips that you should remember is that our skin tone is very different. Our skin colour mostly ranges from olive to dusky skin. So colours such as maroons and browns are the best as lipstick shades. Pink colour especially should be avoided by dusky skinned individuals.

So don’t let all the hustle and bustle of the wedding day take a toll on you. Instead follow these Indian bridal makeup tips and look vibrant and fresh on your wedding day!!

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