Indian wedding hairstyles

Indian weddings are an affair of great pomp and grandeur. The week-long celebrations with different events and ceremonies such a mehendi and sangeet finally culminate into an even elaborate wedding. These Indian weddings are known for bright colours and heavy exquisite jewelry. But what also counts is the wedding hairstyle worn by the bride. Learn about different Indian wedding hairstyles here

Indian wedding hairstyles

Initially many of the Indian wedding hairstyles used to be quite traditional. Most brides wore their hair in an updo. However with all the new trends setting in, modern brides too have tried experimenting with wedding hairstyles either by letting it down or bringing about a modification in the traditional hairdos.

Indian wedding hairstyle accessories

Hair accessories such as decorated hair pins, the studded hair combs are an integral part of the Indian wedding hairstyles. Besides, flowers worn either individually as a pin up or in the form of a garland is another inseparable part of an Indian wedding hairstyles. In fact in some places it is also a compulsion.

Indian wedding hairstyle tips

The goal of any hairstylist is to make her brides have the best possible hair style that will make her look elegant and gorgeous. However certain things that guide you to choose the perfect wedding hairstyle is

• Shape of the face

• Body type

• Hair texture and colour

• Hair length.

Indian wedding hairstyles

While choosing a Indian wedding hairstyle there is a whole list that you can choose from. But taking into consideration the rituals of an Indian wedding the need arises to choose something that is simple, elegant and easy to manage.

Types of Indian wedding hairstyles

The traditional bun

This Indian wedding hairstyle has been worn since a very long time and is a popular wedding hairstyle among Indian brides. All the hair is combed back sleek into a ponytail and then tied into a bun and secured at the back of the head. The bun is decorated either with flowers or various dangling ornaments or pins studded with stones. The Mang Tikka, a traditional hair jewelry worn by Indian brides is also a compulsion and can be worn with a bun and the top hair parted in the center. Instead of jus a plain bun you can also go in for a French twist or a bun placed at the top and curls pinned around it to decorate it.

The partial updo

The partial updo is another perfect option as an Indian wedding hairstyle for long hair or medium length hair. You can simple pin some of the hair at the top and let the other hair lie loose in curls. Bangs can be left out to enhance the look.

Wearing the hair down

Many brides these days prefer leaving their hair down by either styling it straight or with loose curls and waves. However it may be quite tricky to attach the veil with this kind of Indian wedding hairstyle.

Braids and plaits

Another traditional Indian wedding hairstyle that is once again becoming popular is a braid. It works great as a wedding hair styles for long hair. However if you have medium or short length hair you can always attach extensions and get the long plait or braid that you want. This Indian wedding hairstyle is one of the easiest to manage. You can finish the entire look by using fresh flowers that are intertwined in the braid.

South Indian wedding hairstyles

Among the south Indian brides traditional wedding hairstyles are more popular. They have hair that is really thick and black and short wedding hairstyles are not favored much by them. Mostly among them the hair is braided with just a single braid. Many brides with waist length hair also go in for hair extensions. In such case there are two braids made. Their hair is always parted in the centre and decorated with some kind of jewelry right from the front to the back. They have tassels attached to the end of the braids and are heavily adorned with flowers of different varieties especially jasmines and roses. However today slowly by slowly they too are influenced by others and are adopting other Indian wedding hairstyles.

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