Indian Wedding Eye Makeup

When we talk about an Indian wedding it would probably mean a lot of colours. Indian weddings are all known for the use bright colours in red, gold, silver, pinks and yellows. Heavy sarees with a lot of work and heavy makeup are what you can call the features of an Indian wedding. After all each and every culture has something special about itself. Learn more about Indian wedding eye makeup and how to apply Indian wedding eye makeup here.

How to apply Indian wedding eye makeup

Indian Wedding Eye Makeup Tips

Follow these simple tips for Indian wedding eye makeup

• One of the basic Indian wedding eye makeup tips that you should keep in mind that on your wedding try as much not to make the eye makeup too trendy. Keep it sweet and simple.

• Especially during the day time try as much to keep the eye make up light and natural. You can use neutral tones instead of darker shades.

• There are only some who look good with the liner at the bottom of the eye. So see if it suits you first and only then apply it.

• Mascara is available in various forms and colours in the market. Pick one that will work great for you. Always remember one thing to pick waterproof mascara especially for your wedding day.

• Also if you think of applying a double coat always wait for the first one to dry up and only then apply the second coat.

• If you want you can also use coloured mascara. Sapphire blue is a perfect colour for blue eyes while rich burgundy works great for those with hazel eyes.

• Another Indian wedding eye makeup tip is to use the appropriate eye pencil colour to add flair to the eyes. Traditional colours such as black and brown are the best to use. Brown shades look best if the colour of the hair is red or light brown in colour.

• To line the lower lash line, use a lighter shade of the pencil.

• Using a cream based eye shadow is one of the tips by which you can enhance the look of the eyes.

• Always tap off the extra eye shadow from the brush before applying. Remember it is easy to apply more eye shadow in case less but it is very difficult to remove it in case extra is added.

• Indian weddings make use of bright coloured outfits. So don’t choose an eye shadow colour the colour of your outfit. Pick something that will complement it well.

• Avoid very bright and neon colours as they look too loud in photographs and will only make you look ugly.

• It is advisable to apply the primer as the base for the eye shadow to prevent creasing of the eye shadow.

• For the perfect Indian bridal eye makeup see that the eye brows are groomed and well shaped few days prior to the wedding. If you do it the same day there are chances that some reaction may erupt that may become difficult to conceal.

• If the eye brows are scanty you can always consider filling them in.

• To highlight the brow bones make use of colours that are lighter. Avoid the darker shades.

Indian Bridal Wedding Eye Makeup Look

Here we have listed one traditional Indian bridal wedding eye make up look that you could use if it suits you well.

• Using a primer smoothen out the base of the eyelid preparing the eyelid well for the other makeup.

• Those with oily skin can experience creasing. So once you applied the primer you can apply some compact.

• Taking the golden eye shadow apply it to around 3/4th of the eyelid.

• Now using an angled or a thin brush, take the dark blue eye shadow and make a ‘V’ at the outer edge.

• Using a lighter shade of blue fill in and blend well with the gold thus giving it a slight greenish look.

• Apply the dark blue shade on the outer corner.

• Use a Q-tip and clean out any of the eye shadow that has moved out. Correct the ‘V’.

• Use a light golden eye shadow and highlight it.

• To enhance the beauty of the eyes apply a small winged liner.

• On the water line apply a kohl liner.

• You can simply smudge some kajal at the lower line.

And there you go; your wedding eye make up is all ready!!!!!!

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