Every one envies a person who looks beautiful and pretty. But you too with just a little effort can look pretty. Are you wondering how???  Well then we assure you that we have an answer to your question.  Just read on to know more on how to look really pretty.


Follow these simple makeup tips:-

  • If you want, you can make your eye the focus of your entire makeup. You can spice up your eye makeup with some shimmery eye shadows. You can try out a Smokey eye makeup look. If you don’t want black you can experiment with a colorful Smokey eye makeup to see if it works for you.
  • The key to a prefect pretty looking makeup is to either play up the eyes or the lips.
  • There are some women who don’t gel well with their makeup kit and applying makeup for them is a big ordeal. If you are one of them and are aiming for a pretty look then you can go plain with just the moisturizer.
  • Tweeze and shape your eye brows well. The eye brows though very minute help frame the face.
  • Lip makeup can also enhance your look. Red pouted lips do look good but with toned down eye makeup. If you want a more natural look you can use neutral shades lipsticks. You can even use a sheer tinted gloss. Keep a lip gloss close at hand if you do not use any lipstick. You can keep your lips moisturized from time to time.
  • Care for your hair. Well kept and conditioned hair is easier to style.  You can play with your hair, style it with colour or haircuts or whatever you wish to. Just make sure that the colour you choose suits your skin tone and do not make your look older. Trimming your hair regularly is one in which you can maintain it.
  • While styling your hair with curling irons and plates don’t overdo it. You can do it occasionally as excess heat will damage your hair in the long run.
  • Well manicured nails look great. Keep them clean. Try out some nail art if you wish to. You can even use a clear nail polish if not nail art.
  • Accessorize your pretty makeup or no makeup look with some dainty jewellery.
  • Makeup can always make you look really pretty. But along with that what you need to have is the ability to carry yourself well. While trying to modify your appearance take a look at you body language as well as it conveys a lot to the opposite person.
  • Please do not copy someone else while trying to look really pretty. You will always end up looking like a disaster as you will never be able to copy perfectly. Come up with your own individual style. Something different yet simple that others will appreciate and find attractive or to be more precise pretty.
  • Lastly the simplest and the easiest of all the tricks and tips to look pretty is to lead a healthy, happy and fun filled life. Get enough sleep and exercise regularly.

These simple makeup tips can help you transform your look to a beautiful and pretty look.

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