How to Look Pretty With Makeup

Women and makeup are just inseparable. And the only aim why they use it is to look pretty. How to look pretty with makeup not only includes applying makeup shades and other cosmetics on your face, but also depends on how well you do it. So here we are to discuss more on how to look pretty with makeup. Follow the proper makeup tips and tricks to do your makeup perfectly for your pretty look.

Tips to Look Pretty with Makeup

Clean and Fresh Looking Skin

Even the best makeup done by the best makeup artist will look dull if the skin is not properly cleansed. If you want to look pretty with makeup you need to cleanse your face well before you start off. You can use a facial cleanser to remove the dirt and oil on the skin. Follow a proper skin care regimen that will ensure healthy looking glowing skin. Flawless skin will make things mush easier for your makeup look.

Go easy with your Makeup Application

While applying the makeup use the makeup judiciously.  Don’t try layering the makeup too much especially with regard to the foundation. It gives a very cakey look. Also you may face problems of your makeup sliding and melting. And believe me that doesn’t look pretty at all. Instead go in for foundation and makeup that is lighter and spreads out evenly on the face. Always use a primer as the base for your makeup.

Learn the Art of Contouring

Well you must be wondering why talk about contouring when it comes how to look pretty with makeup. Let me tell you that contouring can really revamp your look and make you look pretty.  For those who complain of a big nose ruining their makeup or two skin tones showing up spoiling the entire look, contouring can help you out a great deal. However you have to very skilfully choose the right contouring shade so as to make the look natural. You should use a concealer if you have dark circles and blemishes that you must cover up.

Proper Colour Selection

Another tip to keep in mind for your pretty look with makeup is to have a proper selection of colours.

The Eyes:

  • For your eye makeup you can use shimmer shades. They open up the eyes and make them look brighter. But remember that glitter and shimmer are to different things. Try as much not to use glitter.
  • You can grab others attention with bold eye shadow colours, however consider your skin tone and natural eye colour. Don’t let the darker colours drown the natural beauty of your eyes.
  • Line your eyes to define and enhance their beauty. Always curl your lashes before you apply mascara.
  • If you want you can try out different makeup styles. You have the Smokey eye makeup look, cat eye makeup and so on. But remember that if you opt for a Smokey eye makeup look and you have a fair skin tone don’t go in for black. Try something more subtle such as brown, it looks great.


For a more youthful and pretty look you can apply a blush in pink and peach shades. It will add a rosy hue to your look cheeks making you look fresh.


Your lipstick colour should be one that will complement your entire pretty makeup look. You can try out neutral shades as well bright coloured ones. One more thing is that you need not always use lipstick for your lip makeup. You can also make do with a sheer tinted lip gloss.

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