How to Apply Eyeliner

Eyeliner may occupy the least space in your makeup box, but the role that it plays in giving your eye makeup the perfect look is indeed enormous. Young and untrained hands always try out their makeup hoping and praying that everything turns out fine. There is always an endless list of questions such as how do you apply eyeliner well, whether there are any tips on how to apply eyeliner and so on. Learn how to apply eye liner here.

Different Types of Eyeliner

When you walk into a departmental store to purchase your eye liner you should be aware that the eyeliner comes in various forms. You have the eye pencil, the liquid eyeliner or for that matter even eyeliner brushes that can be used to line the eyes with an eye shadow. If you want smudging to be done the pencil liners are the best options. For eye liner with great lasting power the liquid eyeliner should do well. But if want to use them you must make sure that you have a steady hand at your makeup application. A combination of great lasting power and easy use is what you will find in a gel eye liner.

How to Apply Eyeliner Tips

  • If you apply eye liner using an eye pencil make sure to see that you set it with eye shadow. The reason behind this is that eye liners marked in pencil have a tendency of melting away and so won’t last long.
  • As another tip on how to apply eyeliner, we advise that you pick the colour on the basis on your skin and hair colour. So as to say that for everyday natural looking makeup, if you have light hair keep the eyeliner in a deep brown instead of a black this will banish the intense look given by a black eyeliner.
  • Bold dramatic eyes are a great hit for and evening outing. When you apply eyeliner for bold and dramatic eye makeup, pick eyeliner shades that are in deep colours other than deep black. A trick on how to apply eyeliner for this kind of makeup would be to use an angled brush dipped in deep coloured eye shadow or liquid eyeliner. It will be better not to use the eye pencil.
  • To create clean and neat cat eyes line the inside rims of the eyes in thin lines making use of a pencil. Since black liquid eyeliner may look too harsh, you can use an eye pencil that can be smudged in shades of dark brown or charcoal to soften the look.
  • If you want to achieve a casual look for you eye makeup you can line only the bottom lashes and then smudge it using your finger.
  • If you don’t have a steady hand at applying the eyeliner, rest the eyebrow on a solid surface and then apply eyeliner.
  • When you apply eyeliner always start from the inner corners of the eyes to the outside following the curve of the eyelid.
  • When you apply eyeliner, first keep the line thin. If you think that you need a thicker line only then make it thick.
  • If by chance you make a mistake while applying eyeliner, then use your finger or sponge applicator or cotton swab to smudge it and blend well with the rest of the makeup.
  • One more makeup tip to apply eyeliner is to line only the top lashes using a liquid eye liner. For the lower one you can use a pencil or eye shadow.
  • Violet eyeliner pencil will look great for girls with green eyes. Brown and plum shades look better for brown eyes.
  • If you want the effect of round and wide eyes you can stop the line just at the corners but if you want it to look more exotic then you can extend it out and upwards.
  • When you make use of a pencil eyeliner, using a cotton tip smoothen it out.
  • When using liquid eyeliner remember to wipe off the extra when you pull the brush out of the tube.
  • For occasion such as a wedding it is preferable to use waterproof eyeliner.

How to Apply Eyeliner

  • If you cannot apply the eyeliner in one go work it up in strokes.
  • Another trick on how to apply eyeliner is to line the top lid from the inside moving outer corners of the eye. For the lower one you can start lining from the middle outwards. Then cover up from the inner corner to the middle.
  • Depending on the look that you want you can apply the eye liner in a thin line inside while thicker towards the outside. You can also consider keeping it thin at both the corners and thick in the centre.
  • For a Smokey eye holding the upper lid tight. line it properly. Keep the middle line thicker. Draw strokes into the lash line. Using your finger or a cotton swab smudge the liner. Taking little deep coloured eye shadow on a brush, apply it over the eyeliner and set it.

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