How to apply Asian Eye Makeup

When speaking about Asian eye makeup we would like to tell you that Asian eye makeup is slightly different than the eye makeup that we otherwise talk about. These few variations come in because of their hooded eyes with no visible crease but, let me tell you that applying Asian eye makeup is not quite a difficult task if you know the tricks and tips to apply your Asian eye makeup well. Anyway, whatsoever may be the case we’ll assist you with a small Asian eye makeup tutorial.

How to apply Asian Eye Makeup

  • Using a good makeup remover, remove every bit of makeup from your face. Do this particularly to the eye area before you actually start applying your Asian eye makeup. A clean surface will not only give your Asian eye makeup the perfect look but will be beneficial to your eye makeup enabling it to last longer.
  • Move on further with the Asian eye makeup by applying the eye primer from the lash line to the brow bone. Allow the primer to stand for some time so that it is properly absorbed by the skin.
  • To set the entire base for your Asian eye makeup, lightly dust some loose translucent powder over it.
  • Apply a light shimmery eye shadow across the entire eyelid. Many Asian women use makeup to create a crease. To do this, apply a shade such as grey or brown that is darker than the skin colour to the place that would have been the crease, just above the eyelid.
  • Once you’ve done with that proceed with lining the eyes for your Asian eye makeup. Taking a waterproof creamy eye liner work it into the upper lash line. Do the same for the lower lashes.
  • Now using a liquid eye liner trace it over the liner on the top lash line. At the outer corner of the eye try creating a winged look with the eye liner.
  • Curl the lashes and then finish off your Asian eye makeup with a thick double coat of mascara.

Asian Eye Makeup Tips

  • Asian eye makeup tips include proper selection of eye shadow colours for your Asian eye makeup. Asian eye makeup colours should usually be lighter colours. But make sure not to keep them too light as they will be over powered by the dark colour of your hair and eyes.
  • Other colours that you can try out for your Asian eye makeup are plum and raisin. Also keep one thing in mind that as Asians have a yellowish skin tone darker colours will also look great for the eye makeup.
  • Mostly Asian women have yellow skin and so the colour options for their eye makeup are wide. But they should avoid colours with yellowy gold and even some green shades. On the other hand Asian girls with pinkish skin should avoid colours such as pink or those with a red base. Instead for their Asian eye makeup they should choose shades such as beige or those with a yellow undertone.
  • With respect to applying the eye shadow for your Asian eye makeup a tip is to use the darkest shade of eye shadow closest to the lash line.
  • If you still want to apply your Asian eye makeup the way in which you have always been doing it that is ending with the darkest colour at the outer corner of the eye then use this Asian eye makeup tip of applying a light highlighting shade at the inner corner of the eye. As you progress towards the outside make the colour darker. In this way you will have the darkest colour at the outer corner.
  • Apart from the traditional colours black and brown you can choose eye liners in darker metallic shades that will enhance you Asian eye makeup look.
  • Since the shape of Asian eyes is very suitable for cat eyes also try out an Asian cat eye makeup look.
  • You can also experiment with some false eye lashes for your Asian eye makeup look.
  • In case your upper lid extends right up to the lash line then go without the liner for the upper lash line. Line the lower lash line only.

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