Along with choosing your dress and hairdo for the prom night it is needed that you get your preparations for your makeup done as well. Prom make up should be done in such a way that you look gorgeous, yet sober.

Makeup Tips

  • hot-makeup-looks-for-promWhile getting your makeup done make sure that you highlight either you eyes or mouth. Don’t go in for both. You choose according to what suits your face best. If your using strong make up that is bright colors for the eyes try using subtle shades for the lips. Never tone up the make up at both places.
  • Oil tends to form in the T-zone areas after a certain period of time. So carry a blotting paper with you in order to dab out the excess oil that makes the face appear oily and shiny in certain areas.
  • Go in for much brighter colors such as deep blue purple or a golden brown for the eyes.
  • While deciding what type of make up to go in for consider the color of your dress. Keep the shades lighter if it suits the dress color  However if the color of the dress is too dark try avoiding very dark colors  Colors that are too loud will only make you look more like a clown.
  • Carry some foundation powder, lipstick and gloss so that you can repeat the applications if it has come off.

Eye make up

Always keep the eye make up light and simple. If you want the eye make up to look good, use a liner, mascara or eye shadow. If you plan on using red lipstick see that the eye make up is light. This is how to get your eye make up done-first apply the foundation and blend it well with the rest of the face. Choose a bright color and apply it around the eyes. But in comparison with that apply a lighter shade to the eyelids. Apply two coats of mascara (second application after the first one dries) to give it a darker look. Smokey eyes go great for a prom. If you have a glittery dress apply a glittery eyeliner in gold or silver.


Colors such as red and dark pink go well for a prom. Try not using subtle colors as it may appear very dull. Remember to apply a coat of lip-gloss as well.


First wash the face well. Apply a moisturizer just after washing the face clean. This provides a smooth base after which you can start applying your makeup Use a foundation that suits your skin tone well. It you suffer from acne or any kind of blemish or have dark circles, use a concealer.The concealer should be a shade lighter than the foundation in order to blend well. Make sure to see that the demarcations caused by the foundation are not clearly visible either at the hairline or jawline.Also pick the right kind of foundation according to the skin type. After you have finished with the entire makeup dust it with a little powder to keep it in place and stay longer. You can choose a blush for your cheeks. Apply moving from the center towards the outside.

Look gorgeous and have fun from your prom night.

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