Halloween Makeup Ideas

You must be all geared up for your Halloween costume party……. What, do I hear a “No”? Did you spend all morning carving jack-o-lanterns with no time left to plan out your attire for the night or……… Is it your Halloween makeup that’s tricking you at the last moment? Oh you needn’t worry. You’ve just come to the right place. We have some easy and fast Halloween makeup ideas that you can recreate for yourself.  Also follow some Halloween makeup tips to fix up some last minute breakdown. So let’s get done soon after all we’ve got to go trick- or- treating tonight!!!!

Halloween Makeup Ideas: The Vampire Look

Seen down the ages, the vampire Halloween makeup idea is a common one. You can look horrendous and ghoulish with your blood sucking vampire Halloween makeup ideas.

  • This vampire Halloween makeup look will look best with some white paint over the entire face.  If you don’t like having face paint then do up the face with some powder that is lighter than your skin tone till you get a very pale look.
  • Then taking your black eye shadow, sweep it all around your eyes. Fill in the eye brows to make them appear really thick for your vampire Halloween makeup look.
  • Attach some additional long false eye lashes.
  • Use a bright red lipstick for the lips and also to show some blood dripping from the corner of the mouth.
  • And one more thing, don’t forget your fake long teeth for your vampire Halloween makeup idea.
  • Comb back all your hair and create a point in the centre of the forehead (widow’s peak)

Halloween Makeup Ideas: Old is Gold

How about going old for your Halloween costume party? If you’re planning to try an old look for your Halloween makeup then don’t wait for the last minute. Practice with your Halloween makeup till you get things perfect or else you may have to change the idea. Your main focus for this Halloween makeup idea is to get the wrinkled dry skin.

  • First dust your face with some white powder.
  • Draw darker lines and blend them with the rest of the skin to show as wrinkles.
  • To remove the glow from the skin and make it look dry and dull dust powder again over it.
  • Give your hair a gray look with some powder.
  • Don’t forget your walking stick at home.

Halloween Makeup Idea: The Walking Skeleton

You could also try out a skeleton look for your Halloween makeup. With your ghostly look you’re likely to scare people away while you go trick or treating and send shivers down their spine.

  • Paint your entire face with white paint.
  • Use black paint or black eye shadow all around your eyes extending right till the brow bone. If you use black paint you needn’t worry for your skeleton Halloween makeup but if you use black eye shadow then apply it really dark. Use a plain eye shadow and not one with glitter.
  • Draw some teeth on your lips with a black eye liner.
  • To make you resemble a skeleton in every way try finding a suitable skeleton costume.

Halloween Makeup Ideas: Cruel Witch

Would you prefer the wicked witch Halloween makeup idea this Halloween?? Then be prepared to use a lot of black and some face paint for your Halloween makeup.

  • You can paint your face with white or green paint. I think green will be a better option.
  • At the centre of the forehead and the ends of the mouth draw V shaped lines using black eyeliner.
  • Line your eyes dark with black pencil. You can create a cat eye look for your witch Halloween makeup as well.
  • To make your witch Halloween makeup look creepier, don’t miss the wart at the end of the nose. A nice big black one would look good to make you look creepier
  • You get some long false nails. Paint your nails with black nail polish.
  • Wear your pointed black hat and boots.

Halloween Makeup Ideas: Dress up as Sally

Show your feminine side this Halloween by dressing up as Sally this Halloween.

  • Smoothen out a white cream all over you face making it look pale.
  • Dust some silver shadow all over your face. You can even use a cream.
  • Draw some stitches here and there on the face with a black eye pencil.
  • Do more for your sally Halloween makeup look by dressing up in clothes with patches. Get a bright red wig for yourself.

Halloween Makeup Ideas: Fairy Look

Leave all the wickedness to the world and sport a fairy Halloween makeup look. Unlike the other Halloween makeup ideas you can go normal with your makeup for your fairy look with shimmer and bright and youthful colours.

Halloween Makeup Idea: Harlequin Look

Like you buy masks for your Halloween party we’ll create some Halloween makeup look that looks like a mask itself.

  • Apply a white shimmery eye shadow all over the eyes at the inner corner and at the brow bone as well.
  • Using your black eye liner draw dots right around the eye.
  • You can try drawing some designs at the end of the eye with curls.

Halloween Makeup Ideas: The Living Dead

Another scary Halloween makeup idea that you can create this Halloween is the zombie look. Make use of white paint to pale your skin. Use various Halloween makeup special effects to give your look a rotten appearance. Apply black shadow in certain areas to show your wrinkled and crinkled skin.

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