Halloween Eye makeup

This Halloween why not scare the entire world! That sounds like fun. But you do know that there are ways to look beautiful and scary. You may have seen in the 70’s vampire movies, the ghost does look charming. The great part is that so can you. You needn’t look scary and ugly, you are a ghost with a change, so you will look scary and cute and beautiful. First and foremost you need to build on your ideas, eye are the most expressive part about a woman, so we are going to work on that to complement your Halloween parties. Now we are going to present to you some Halloween Eye makeup tips that will look good on you no matter what you wear or what you carry with you.

Halloween Eye makeup tips

For the Halloween Eye makeup tips, you need a combination of dramatic looks and Smokey Eyes. This will be great because no matter what you plan on becoming, you can still scare and look good at the same time. Let’s look at some of the Halloween Eye makeup tips.

  • You will need to experiment with some darker shades of eye shadow to create the perfect Halloween Eye makeup tips. You can go through our section of Goth eye makeup tips for more ideas on Halloween Eye makeup tips.
  • Your color is black, black mascara, black eye liner, and black eye shadow. Keep them at arm’s reach since they will come really handy for you. Secondly you need to bring on some other darker shades like purple, bronze, silver or golden. We are going to bring on the Halloween Eye makeup effect with a combination of all these colors.
  • You will first need to make up a base for your eye makeup, apply some dark black eye shadow, go slow on the darkening effect, as in don’t apply too much eye shadow in the first instance, and apply it darker and darker slowly and steadily. You can now apply some purple eye shadow at the tail end of your eyes. You don’t need to blend right now, however you are going to need a cosmetic sponge to blend them together.
  • You can even play a fashion conscious ghost and match the colors of your eye shadow with your dress so if you are wearing blue apply some blue eye shadow with the purple ones. Now you need to blend in such a way that the colors look faded on top of the eye lid.
  • Once you are done blending the colors together, you need to start putting some eyeliner. You can use the liquid eye liner or else the powdered one. If you are using the liquid one, remember that you will not be able to blend it, if you think your eye shadow needs no further blending, then you can use the liquid one. Apply thick eyeliner on to your upper and lower lids. Smudge the black liner a little bit on the lower lid. It gives a Smokey effect.
  • Once you have applied the eye liner, its not time to apply some mascara. You can apply the mascara of different colors, like golden or bronze, all will go well. Whatever it is, don’t keep it simple for the Halloween Eye makeup. Apply two to three coats of mascara liberally.

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