short-hair-hairstylesHair is a very important and unchangeable factor of human personality. It goes a long way in influencing and bringing out the character and prominent features of the person. Short hair is also being looked at as a good hairstyle option by many. It is a misconception that only people with long hair can try out all the hairstyle. But today even those with short hair can achieve the same look as long hair by trying different hairstyles and extensions.

Hairstyles for Short Hair

Many people prefer to go in for shorter hair as they say it saves on time especially for people with busy schedules, Short hairstyles are easy to style and also very convenient to maintain. However, short hair does not suit everyone. Several factors such as the shape of the face as well as the body and also the state and condition of the hair have to be looked at while considering a hairstyle for short hair.

Choosing the right Hairstyle

While going in for a hairstyle for short hair one question that every person should ask themselves should be ‘how would I look with short hair?” People with an oval shaped face and short hairstyle should mostly go in for a pixie hairstyle with a slight fringe as this will suit them best and help bring out their features. In case of a square shaped face, the main motive is to lessen the prominence of the jaw line and so the best suited hairstyle in short hair would be to keep it short and spiky. If you have a long or round shaped face try cutting the hair up to chin length with a few layers. However one needs to know that it is slightly tricky and difficult to have a short hairstyle especially for a round face. While choosing a hairstyle for fine hair, care should be taken as it does not show the hair cut very clearly. Avoid blow-drying as it tends to make it dry. Such hair can be maintained by cutting it in a bob cut style.

Popular Short Hairstyles

Bridal Hairstyles for Short Hair:

bridal-short-hairstyles1It does not matter whether your hair is short. Even women with short hair have a variety of wedding hairstyles that they can choose from and look gorgeous and elegant on their special day. One can try slicking the hair back and then using a jeweled or flowery headpiece or either a tiara. The hair can also be pushed back with a dainty and a attractive hairband. While considering a bridal hairstyle for shorthair one can also think of layering it if they have a square shaped face or in case of a heart shaped face one can go in for hairstyle leaving a lock of hair across their brow. Trying a short bob , shoulder-length, neck-length, ear-length or anywhere in between would also be apt. Short hair can also be curled up and secured on the brides head with pins and other products thus giving the her a very classic and traditional look. Besides one can also use a silky sash tied from the top of the head up to the nape.

Extensions on Short Hair extensions

They are mainly used to give a long hair look to those with short hair. But if it has to look natural, it has to be done very skillfully. They are used to increase the length of the hair. At same they also add volume to hair that is very fine or thin. They can also be utilized to add colour to the hair. The most popular method to apply hair extensions to short hair is by the form of glue or fusion. There are certain criteria that have to be followed while attaching these extensions. For short hair the extensions should not be too long or too heavy. It is very difficult to add extensions to hair that is very short or of scarce density. While choosing a color for hair extensions one should carefully select one that will match their natural shade. If you have a bob hair cut, clip-ins are the most convenient to use.

Short Hairstyle tips for Women

short-hairstyle-tipsThere are a number of hairstyles that women can adopt even with short hair. Women and girls can go in for a wedge hair cut that is generally cut just below the chin and is of the same length. It is square shaped and cute in appearance. Another suitable haircut for women is the pixie haircut. It is quiet trendy and cut short and close to the head. It can also be cut in layers so as to give it some volume. These are the cute hairstyles that can be tried out by girls giving them a very attractive and chic look. Besides, one of the most common hairstyle for women is boy-cut.

Thus we understand that our hair is the most important and noticeable feature of our feminity. Our hair is what makes us feel great. We must be careful while choosing a hairstyle be it for long hair or short hair.


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