You must be truly lucky to have been blessed with a pair of green eyes. Though many say that green eyes look envious I say that green is indeed a vibrant colour to have for your eyes. Getting a Smokey Eye Makeup done for Green Eyes will help accentuate the eyes better. But hold your horses as there are many things you need to consider before you jump to get your Green Smokey Eye Makeup done.

Eye Shadow Shades that will Flatter your Green Eyes

The Green Smokey Eye Makeup tips and ideas available, that you may have gone through pertain to only one shade of green. But, there are various shades of green such as – dark green, sea green that almost appears as blue, mid green with a few flecks of golden and very light green that is almost grey. That is why it becomes necessary for you to consider the eye colour while thinking of Green Smokey Eye Makeup. Shades that you can use for a Green Smokey Eye Makeup include deep khaki, purple, plum, dark green and brown. You can also think of using black and grey.

Tips for Green Smokey Eye Makeup

  • To get a perfect Green Smokey Eye Makeup look, make sure that you blend the different shades of eye shadow well. Ensure that you blend them correctly.
  • For Green Smokey Eye Makeup, use a combination of dark and light eye shadows.
  • As a Green Smokey Eye Makeup idea, use dark forest green combined with dark charcoal grey.
  • To enhance the Green Smokey Eye Makeup look, use a highlighter in metallic copper, gold or bronze.
  • Keeping aside the greens for a while purple and violet are also great as Green Smokey Eye Makeup ideas.
  • While choosing the colour for your Green Smokey Eye Makeup tip to remember is to choose one that will match your skin tone and hair colour as well. Pick a colour that is darker than the eye colour so that it will not over shadow the natural beauty of your green eyes.
  • The darker eye shadow used should have a sight shimmer to it.
  • Hazel coloured eyes that is sometimes included with green has a mix of tint of brown and green in them. So for these coloured eyes as a Green Smokey Eye Makeup idea we suggest using eye shadow such as brown and green.

How to Apply Green Smokey Eye Makeup

Here’s what we suggest for an intense Green Smokey Eye Makeup

  • The first step to getting your Green Smokey Eye Makeup is to prepare the eyelid using a good eye primer as the base. It will prevent the Green Smokey Eye Makeup from melting and will also increase the lasting power of the makeup.
  • Next line the eyes with a black eye pencil or kohl
  • Smudge it or rather soften the line using your finger tip or a Q tip.
  • Then taking some green eye shadow sweep it over the entire eye lid right up to the crease and blend it well.
  • Use a highlighter in gold at the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye.
  • Finish of the Green Smokey Eye Makeup look with a coat of mascara.

For a more subtle Green Smokey Eye Makeup look this is the step by step procedure

  • Start by priming the eyes.
  • Line the eyes.
  • Using a lighter shade of green like olive green sweep it over the eyelid up to the crease.
  • In the crease region blend in a darker green eye shadow.
  • Taking a dark gold apply it starting from the inner corner covering about 1/3rd of the eye.
  • Blend all the three together well so that the lines of differentiation are not visible.
  • Curl the lashes and apply a coat of mascara.

And there you go; you’re all ready with your Green Smokey Eye Makeup!!!!!

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