Green Eye Makeup

The eye makeup can simply work wonders for you. But on one condition that it is done well. Unlike a common colour like brown, green eyes are a little tricky to work with. Some colours that you think will work great for green eye makeup may not really suit it that well. So here we come with our big bag of green eye makeup tips and instructions of how to apply green eye makeup well. Hope you find these green eye makeup ideas helpful.

Green Eye Makeup Tips

Follow these simple green eye makeup ideas that will help you get beautiful green eyes.

• The most important tip for green eye makeup that we suggest is select eye shadow colours that form a perfect contrast with the eye color. It is always advised to choose colours that are directly opposite the eye colour on the colour wheel.

• Eye shadows with pink and red undertones go a long way in enhancing green eyes.

• If you want to add more depth to the eyes we suggest using light pink and blending it well either with darker peach or apricot on the outer lids. Use a shimmery bronze to highlight.

• A tip for green eye makeup especially if you’re looking to create an intense look would be to use shades of khaki and bronze. You can team it up with cream or beige for a more intense look.

• If you’re all geared up for a party, the best green eye make tip that will make you look vibrant and fresh is to use bright colours such as yellow and orange. You can also combine blue green with creamy white.

• For green eye makeup we recommend using colours of the copper family, coral and apricot eye shadows as they really accentuate the green colour of the eyes.

• Another green eye makeup tip is to use deep browns in the colour palette if you want a more dramatic and pronounced look. Use it with a highlighter shade that is either in peach or pale copper.

• Try as much to avoid green and blue. Instead of bringing out the green colour of the eyes they will only contribute more in suppressing them. However there are some blue green colours that you could use such as turquoise if your green bends more towards a hazel shade.

• Black eye liner will look too severe and harsh for green eye makeup. So as an alternative use dark grey and dark brown.

• While getting green eye makeup done a tip would be to use shade of brown as eyeliner. Those with pale skin should stick to a lighter shade while those with olive skin should consider using a deeper shade.

• Choosing a proper colour for your blush and lipstick is another tip for perfect green eye makeup. Tones such as peach and apricot can be used as lipstick and blush shades as they will bring out the green colour of your eyes.

• Apart from the general green eye makeup tips another way in which you can elevate the level of your eye makeup is by selecting the proper colour clothing that will not only suit you but will enhance the green colour of your eyes. You can also use gold jewelry to play up the colour of your eyes.

• Many have brown or gold flecks in your eyes. You can accentuate this colour by using highlights such as copper gold and bronze.

• Also consider your skin tone to choose the perfect eye shadow for your green eye makeup. If you have light skin, avoid dark and shimmery colours.

Smokey Green Eye Makeup

So what if you have green eyes. You too can flaunt one of the most fabulous Smokey green eyes by using a colour that is deeper than the natural colour of your green eyes. You can use deep forest greens combined and blended well with dark charcoal gray to achieve the Smokey green eye look. To enhance the colour more highlight it with a metallic copper or bronze. Leaving aside the greens for a while you can also achieve a great Smokey look using shades of purple such as violet and dark purple.

How to Apply Green Eye Makeup

Applying green eye makeup follows the same pattern as any other kind of makeup except for a few variations.

• Always clean the face especially the eyelids before you start working on the makeup.

• Once you’re done with the concealer and eye primer select an eye shadow that will suit the green shade of your eyes.

• Lavender and violet eye shadows are the best to bring out the yellow tints in the eyes while purple eye shadow with a tinge of brown or bronze works great for blue green eyes.

• After you apply the eye shadow line the eye grey, brown or the darker shade of the eye shadow that you have used.

• Use a highlighter at the brow bone and the inner corner of the eyes.

• Curl the lashes and apply a coat of mascara.

You can use these green eye makeup tips for those bold and sexy green eyes. Use green eye makeup for a party or while going for work.

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