Glitter Eye Makeup

We girls have slowly moved from single tone eye shadows to bold shades and glittery eye makeup. With its popularity increasing this season, Glitter eye makeup is slowly moving to the top on the eye makeup list. But, before you go out to pick the essentials needed for your glitter eye makeup, read on to know more about glitter eye makeup tips and how to apply your glitter eye makeup well.

Glitter Eye Makeup Tips

Follow these simple glitter eye makeup tips for bold glittering eye makeup.

• Try to apply a mate base makeup. Glitter eye makeup has its own sheen and shimmer. So it is better to tone down the base makeup otherwise, it will all look too loud and flashy. Keep this glitter eye makeup tip in mind.

• Another glitter eye makeup tip is, to preferably apply a translucent crème eye shadow as the base. It will help hold the glitter well.

• The colours that you can use as a crème eye shadow can include beige, peach or pink.

• Also when choosing an eye shadow colour for the glitter eye makeup see that both the glitter and the eye shadow colour complement each other. It should match the skin tone as well.

• For glitter eye makeup ideas the best glitter colours that we suggest are black, silver, gold and pink. It becomes easier to mix and match with these shades compared to the others.

• You may crave for the glitter eye makeup that you have seen others wearing. But remember that there are few whose eyes may be sensitive to glitter. That is why before you go in for anything, make sure to se that it agrees with you.

• Also a tip while applying glitter eye makeup is to invest in good brands for the glitter and pick one that is meant for eye makeup.

• Sometimes a small fleck of glitter may get into your eye. If this happens first and foremost don’t rub it. Using clean hands and a cotton swab try to remove the glitter gently. If the irritation persists try to visit the doctor he will tell you the best that you can do.

How to Apply Glitter Eye Makeup

For evening outings the best makeup we recommend is glitter eye makeup. How to apply glitter eye makeup without making it look too gaudy may be a question in the minds of many. Follow the step by step instructions to get a perfect glitter eye makeup look.

• Wash your face clean to get your makeup to set well. Glitter Makeup sticks well to a clean face.

• If you want to wear foundation put it on before you put on the eye shadow. If you don’t, you may smear all the glitter over your face.

• Apply a translucent eye shadow covering the entire eyelid extending right up to the brow. Select a gel based eye shadow as the glitter adheres well and will stay in place.

• Allow the eye shadow to dry well. Once it has dried completely proceed by applying the glitter. Spread it out evenly limiting it only to cover the eye lid. Leave it to dry.

• Use a glitter eye liner. You can pick the glitter eye pencils as the make glitter eye makeup application much easier. You can also use a plain eye liner if you wish to.

• Finish off with mascara.

• Clean off any excess glitter that has fallen off.

So, Get your perfect glitter eye makeup look and banish the disco ball tag that comes attached with it. Enhance your look and add some sparkle to your eyes with glitter eye makeup.

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